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Contest entry

Well I’ve been doing my best to put off writing more of my novel. I’ve made a few more contest entries instead. It’s addicting. It’s lovely to have people read what you’ve written whether it receives good reviews or not simply because they are actually reading it! Euphoria….so all I have to post today is one of my entries. In this contest we had to begin the short story with the line “A kiss is a terrible thing to waste”, it’s a line from a Meatloaf song. I’ll let you know how it fares when the votes role in:)

A kiss is a terrible thing to waste. Katie reminded herself of this repeatedly as Martin sat close beside her on the park bench. It was a perfect summer day and his kiss was just waiting right there before her. It looked wonderful, warm, soft, waiting for her to wrap her luscious lips in it. What was she waiting for?

Katie closed her eyes, her mouth puckering slightly imagining the sweetness that hovered just above her lips. She imagined leaning in, the sliding and gliding heat along her tongue, the feeling of joy that would envelop her if she just had the nerve to reach out and take it for herself.

It would be wrong but the yearning caused her stomach to flutter nevertheless. She wanted it, needed it, how could something so good be so wrong?

You must not Katie told herself sternly. The self denial almost painful. This is not good for you, and it might not be as good as you think. It might even be slimy or gooey or even dirty, her nasty inner voice added to Katie’s growing irritation.

Then the little devil that was ever present in another part of her mind countered.’Oh darling but you must! Think of the feeling, think of the decadence that awaits you! Don’t you see his smiling face? He wants you to take it!’ That dark little voice always got her into so much trouble but wasn’t it always so much fun when she listened to it.

Oh how Katie wished she could hear only that demon inside her now. How she wished there were never any repercussions for doing what was wrong, bad, naughty what have you. Martin was all warm smiles as the summer breeze ruffled his hair and she began to waver.

She ran her hands down her thighs. Drying her damp palms and feeling her generous contours. How would Martin feel if she just reached over and took what he was so obviously offering? What if he really didn’t intend to give her the kiss at all? If he pulled back at the last minute she would be devastated.

Katie laughed a bit,arguing with herself, how ridiculous. But surely a wasted kiss is just as much a tragedy as one taken when one shouldn’t? Wasn’t something stolen so much sweeter anyway? Perhaps she wouldn’t allow him to pull away.

Her mouth was beginning to water. How long had she been waiting for this? A second, a minute? It felt as if it had been an hour. The battle within her raging on.

She had never been very particular about how she received her kisses. She would happily take them from a friend or receive them from her mother. She even gave them dark and sweet to other boys. She sighed, but this kiss was like none other she decided, an opportunity not to pass up.

If she took this kiss she and Martin would either laugh or cry. Someone would pay for this kiss one way or another. It was just too cruel that she couldn’t divine what the outcome would be in this instance. Katie wished for some kind of sign that would help her decide if she should take this chance.

Then it was gone. Her sweet kiss pulled away. All of the turmoil she had built up around his kiss and the moment had passed. She had stupidly missed her chance and the kiss would be wasted, thrown away.

Oh how stupid she had been. Katie relived the past few moments in her mind. She could still imagine the feeling of that sensuous kiss upon her mouth. Sucking it in and savoring the sweet slide.

“Oh Martin please, I’ve changed my mind,” she said quietly with a coaxing smile on her pretty face.

To her astonishment Martin chuckled and quickly offered her another kiss. Oh sweet lord she would not waste another moment. She wanted it and to hell if it was bad or not. If there were tears later she would deal with them.

Without another second’s hesitation Katie reached out and grabbed Martin’s sticky little toddler hand and brought it to her mouth. She sucked the sweet half melted chocolate treat from his heated little mit.

She savored the forbidden candy. Her thighs would pay for this later but she would not shed tears for something so divine.

Martin did not seem unhappy with her theft. He unwrapped another candy. He giggled and waved it in front of her face as if this was now a new game.

With a shrug of her shoulders she let the toddler pop another kiss into her mouth. This one hadn’t been held so long, she let the chocolate warm and melt in her own mouth. Swirled her tongue in the sweetness and swallowed.

She would not shed a tear for her thighs. The treat was too good and wasn’t a kiss a terrible thing to waste anyway?


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Chapter 12 (c)

On my web surfing forays I’ve been searching things such as “I hate my own writing”, “Why are some writers so arrogant”, “Do you ever get sick of your own story”. You get the picture. Everything I pulled up again had the same theme. A very UN-unique theme. Just keep writing. Ug! I’m past that euphoric stage and just want to finish this damn thing. I love the second draft phase. In the second draft there is meat to work with. Add-ins that I thought of along the way and just noted in the first draft. I can’t wait to get to the second draft stage!


“A lady after my own heart,” The Inspector said with a quirk to his plush lips. “Mam it was my impression that we’d moved beyond formal address,” The inspector leaned back casually crossing his long legs at the ankles angling them closer to the fire. “In fact, “he continued folding his hands over his taught middle, “I believe we’d moved to such causal regard to be almost,” and he paused suggestively here, “scandalous.”

He regarded her with the feline grace of a hunter. One that’s known the scent of his prey and knows which bait works best to his advantage. It made Glorianna feel distinctly warm. His barley veiled words brought to mind all the naughty things he’d done to her last they’d met.

Glorianna tried to match his suggestive attitude with one of her own. “Indeed Clive,” she purred while pouring them both a finger of brandy. “We’ve gone far beyond that of casual acquaintance.” She took a provocative sip of her liqueur gazing at him over the rim of her glass as she let the heat slide down her thought. She delicately dipped her tongue out to lick the flavor from her bottom lip.

Clive leaned forward as if entranced. “Love I’d be more than happy to take this ‘conversation’ to mutual satisfaction.” He stood up gracefully with his surprisingly graceful fingers still wrapped around the glass. Glorianna thought he’d move straight to her but instead moved across the parlor to shut and lock the door.

Glorrianna swallowed dryly. Had she crossed this man off her list so soon? Perhaps he bore another chance? She felt herself heating and not from the fires proximity. Clive came to stand behind her and she felt one warm hand stroke the side of her neck. His fingers toying with a loose curl.

He leaned forward and she could feel the heat of his brandied breath on her cheek as he whispered in her ear. “Do you want to fuck me love?”

Glorrianna startled at the blatant suggestion but she was melting inside at his crudity. Oh how did he do that Glorianna wondered? A single sentence and she was ready to throw her skirts up again and with Vaughn just upstairs.

She would not feel shame at her reaction she thought. She wanted a lover. She needed a lover. Hadn’t she set out to capture just such a man a few weeks ago? But how could she conduct an affair when the one of the major reasons for wanting such a liaison was right upstairs? That thought put a damper on her lust.

She needed to find a way to get Clive to leave  and quickly. Before he found out more than she wanted him to. Before she gave into something that she didn’t have time for right now.

“Now Clive I would be a stupid woman indeed to give you what you took and sauntered away from not long ago.”

“Did you fancy a cuddle after then love?” He moved around to stand before her. With him standing and her still seated she was eye level with an impressively growing erection. Ah what a waste she thought.

“A girl does like a bit of affection after the fact Clive,” Glorrianna stood so she didn’t have to speak to the bulge in his pants. He didn’t back up as she had expected so she was virtually plastered against him.

He put his hands on her waist. His long fingers practically covering it’s circumference. Clive slowly glided his hands up her sides coming to rest just under her sensitized breasts. She was breathing heavier now with just the thought of those lovely fingers plucking at her tight nipples.

He brought his head down lowering his luscious lips to hers. The kiss was expected, anticipated. Clive gave her plenty of time to pull away. She found herself to wanton to do so. Those lips were mesmerizing.

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Chapter 12 (b)

Boy when I blocked out this story it looked like each block would be a chapter. I’m finding that the level of detail this story involves each block is adding up to about 3 chapters. In other words what I thought was going to be a 12 chapter novella is probably going to be more like 20. I thought I’d be done by now but it looks like I’m only 3/4 of the way through. Slugging along. Keep telling myself “KEEP WRITING” … ok ok you don’t have to yell hehehe.

It was midweek just before dusk. It was a chilly fall evening and the coming winter could be felt on the air. Vaughn was still upstairs and Sylvie had gone out shopping taking Sissy with her.  Glorianna was in the cozy parlor catching up on correspondence when a knock sounded at the front door. Glorianna pulled her shawl closer around her shoulders wondering who could be out on the chilly doorstep and felt glad that it wasn’t she.

A moment later Knox announced from the doorway. “An Inspector Levinson here to see you Madam.”

Glorianna felt sudden panic. What could the Inspector want? He couldn’t know that she was hiding Vaughn here they’d been very careful and her servants were loyal. If she turned him away now would he become suspicious if he didn’t have reason to be already?

“Show him in Knox, and please bring refreshments of the robust variety. I’m sure the Inspector must be chilled to the bone today.”

Glorianna congratulated herself on seeming unaffected upon receiving the Inspector.  He would not get the best of her this time she thought with a cat like smile. The smile was apt for this would surely be a cat and mouse interaction if she wasn’t mistaken and this time she was going to be the cat.

“Ah Mrs. Lockley, a pleasure to see you again. Thank you for seeing me.” He gave her a mocking bow with a twinkle in his eye that hinted at what they had shared on their previous visit.

“I’m sure the pleasure will be mine Inspector,” Glorianna responded impishly. If flirtation was what he’d come for she would serve it with abundance. There was no need to raise any questions as to why she was suddenly cold and uninterested.

Glorianna admitted it was no hardship to flirt with the Inspector. Tall and lean with an insouciant way of carrying himself that just begged for a lady to toy in return.

“Won’t you sit down inspector?” Glorianna gestured to a plush velvet chair. She moved to take the matching one flanking the fireplace.  The configuration made for a cozy chat.

Knox returned with a tea tray with a carefully placed decanter of brandy holding pride of place. He arranged cups and saucers as if for a ladies tea returned to his station outside the room. Little did Glorianna know but that Knox would have company during his vigil.

“A lady after my own heart,” The Inspector said with a quirk to his plush lips. “Mam it was my impression that we’d moved beyond formal address,” The inspector leaned back casually crossing his long legs at the ankles angling them closer to the fire. “In fact, “he continued folding his hands over his taught middle, “I believe we’d moved to such causal regard to be almost unseemly.”

He regarded her with the feline grace of a hunter. One that’s known the scent of his prey and knows which bait works best to his advantage. It made Glorianna feel distinctly warm. His barley veiled words brought to mind all the naughty things he’d done to her last they’d met.

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Chapter 12 (a)

Well I’ve been slugging away diligently on this story. I’ve made every effort to write at least 500 words a day. Most days I am just relieved when my word count reaches my goal. I don’t know why this has become so difficult. The words are no longer flowing and it’s a huge effort just to force out the requisite amount. I’ve read two books in a week and entered another short story writing contest. Nothing seems to help. I’ve spent hours web browsing on tips to keep up the motivation. The best advise I’ve found seems to be a universal one. “Just keep writing” so I am:)

Over then next few days Gloriannas household fell back into it’s old routine blending in the new addition of Lord DeWinn seamlessly. It seemed strangely natural for Vaughn to be in her household Glorianna thought. Glorianna felt the danger to herself if she allowed those feelings to grow.

In the mornings he joined them for breakfast where even Sissy seemed to have softened towards him, showing him the respect a man of the house would recive by bringing him the morning papers first. He wood Sylvie to his side reading out loud the antics and gossip of the ton. Glorrianna was sure should she ask her friend Sylvie would admit to clearly being in his corner when he subject came up of giving him a second chance.  Glorrianna made it a point not to ask her.

He retreated to his room during the day with a luncheon tray that cook took to him personally. Somehow after such a short time she knew all of his favorite foods already. There he’d peruse his photographic pamphlets and books and absorb himself thusly when callers were about.

In the evenings he could be counted on to add good conversation over dinner. When they retired to the warmth of their manly library he entertained with stories of his journeys into the back warrens of the east end where he had practiced his craft.  The room seemed to have been decorated with him in mind it fit him so well. Surely that couldn’t have been a subconscious decision on her part Glorianna thought. It irritated her that his memory would have infected even the decorating of her house.

It was when everyone retired for the evening that Glorrianna sat up late at night thinking of how close Vaughn was and how easy it would be to slip into his room and give in to all of her cravings. She had to fight with herself to remember that Vaughns presence here was only temporary. A situation caused by circumstance and not by desire. She also continued to struggle with Vaughns innocence.

It was true that he seemed more than he once was. Aside from the fact that he had grown from an over-tall gangly young man into a lean muscled man, his wide boney shoulders and torso gaining a padding of pure muscle that rounded out his clothing quite nicely. He was no longer a fickle, impulsive, self centered boy who laughed easily.

No matter how infatuated she had been with that boy she could see now that Vaughn had matured into a man in every sense of the word. He was not just physically harder. He was protective, thoughtful and resolute. The kind of man a woman could depend on, the kind of man that made a woman feel safe. She missed his easy laugh but the hard won chuckles he sometimes gave up were some how more meaningful, like a prize hard won.

However, it still remained to be seen if he was trustworthy. The pain of his long ago desertion still stabbed her heart late at night when the dream came upon her.  Could the young man she had known done such heinous things? She didn’t think so. Could the man he had become be a murderer? She wasn’t sure but she was finding that hard to believe.

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Chapter 11 (d)

Between bites of his meal Vaughn began relaying his suspicions to Glorianna. It did indeed seem to her that Vaughn was in fact being framed. However, what did she know of him now? Was he really the same person he had been eighteen years ago? How well had she known him then for that matter? She would have never guessed in her wildest dreams that the young man who had told her so ardently that he loved her, would leave her without a word or a backward look. She had believed him then to her embarrassment and pain. Could she believe him now?

For now Glorrianna resolved to keep her own suspicions to herself.  It might prove her incredibly stupid in the future but she could just not imagine Vaughn visiting physical pain upon her. She could not imagine him doing those awful things to those poor women. And she could not ignore the instinctual safety she had always felt and indeed still felt now with him nearby.

With a decisive nod of her head Glorianna agreed to help him. Until at least she found some definitive proof that she was indeed a fool. At that time she would promptly turn him over to Clive…Inspector Levinsin she corrected.

“Well we cannot keep you locked in this room,” Glorinna said on a sigh.

“No that would be quite intolerable,” Vaughn said with a smile and an irritatingly handsome dimple showing in his left cheek.

“Obviously Sissy knows of your existence here and through her Sylvie as well.”

“Can they be trusted Glorianna?”

Vaughn had taken her hand as she sat beside him on the bed. Was it a calculated move or was it as subconscious as her need to lean ever so slightly into him was? “I would trust them with my life.” Glorianna said firmly. “We don’t have a large staff here but each and every one is like family to me.”

“If you trust them then I have no choice but to do so as well I think,” Vaughn said making tiny circles with his thumb on the back of their clasped hands.

Ignoring the tingling sensation his fingers were sending up her arm she went on, “It’s not the staff I worry about while keeping you hidden here, it’s any outside callers.”

“Ah yes your gentlemen callers you mean,” Vaughn dropped her hand and she felt the loss.

“Among others yes,” she said with a bit of heat, was that jealousy she heard in his voice? Unbelievable! “I don’t live as a recluse here Lord DeWinn-“

“Glory,” he cut in can you not call me Vaughn? It is my name as you know and I think we are years away from being so formal.”

Glorianna cut a look at him and continued as if he hadn’t spoken, “As I was saying Lord DeWinn,” and she emphasized his formal address this time, “I don’t live as a recluse here and neither does Sylvie. We do have guests from time to time and we occasionally entertain. While I can make sure that don’t put out invitations for the time being I cannot assure you that we will have no one call upon us. To reject seeing them would also cast suspicion and we don’t want to do that.”

“I suppose you are right,” Vaughn said with resignation running  his long fingers through his hair pushing it off his wide forehead.

With his agreement made Glorriana got him set up in a proper guest room with it’s own bathing chamber. It was large enough for a seating area in front of the fireplace and would make a fine place for him to retreat to when guests called. She refused to think too much on how close his quarters now were to hers.

Knox was sent to Vaughns residence with a note for Harold advising of an extended impromptu house party Vaughn had suddenly joined. It did not detail exactly where he would be but Knox would be able to retrieve some of his personal items and Harold would not worry unduly when Vaughn did not show up at home.

Once all the arrangements were made Vaughn settled into life in the unusual household that Glorianna and Sylvie had built.  Little did they all know that Knox had been followed directly back to that household.

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Chapter 11 (c)

Glorrianna pushed on the unlocked door. Really the man was just too large she thought trying to move the door in spite of Vaughns body blocking it from the inside. “Stand away you oaf!” She said becoming more irritated with him by the moment. To think she had spared a moment of worry about him being angry!

Finally the door swung open to the view of a scowling Vaughn DeWinn. Oh the breath left her in a whoosh. Would she ever be able to set eyes on this man without the world tipping out from under her? He was so beautiful in a purely masculine way. He dominated the small room as she sidled inside shutting the door behind her. Really did she worry still about him escaping her?

“This is outside of rediculouse Glorianna,” Vaughn said his fists clenching at his sides.

“Ridiculous?” Glorianaa repeated her own heat rising. “What I find ridiculous is you steeling into my house in the dead of night and accosting me in my own bed!” She paced closer to him in her anger. Too late she realized her mistake. She could feel the tantalizing heat of his body seep into her own and from her diminutive height she had to crane her head back now just to look him in the eye, a distinct disadvantage in any argument.

Vaughn visibly calmed himself and said with restrained quiet. “I came to you for help. If it was a mistake please forgive me but I thought you might be willing to help.” He took a great breath into his lungs and Glorrianna could feel the front of his white linen shirt brush against her. She took a preserving step back.

At that moment the door swung open again and a grim faced Sissy entered with a tray. “Breakfast my Lord,” she said without expression as she set the tray down on the bureau, the only surface besides the bed in the tiny room.  She left just as quickly with a speaking look to Glorrianna. Glorianna  waved her away with impatience. This was no time for Sissy’s over-protectiveness. Really what did she think Vaughn would do?

Vaughn looked at the tray with longing and Glorianna huffed. Really could a man in this situation really consider food important? Apparently this one did as he sat on the bed with the tray across his knees. He really did look ridiculous. The bed was so small he had to stretch his legs out along the floor just so the tray could be held level on them. She fought back a mean giggle as she thought of the uncomfortable night he must have spent. It was nothing worse than he deserved she thought with a sniff.

Glorrianna began pacing the floor as he ate. Her nervous or was it angry, energy taking her back and forth across the small expanse. “Alright,” she said finally, “you came here for help. How pray tell can I possibly be of help to you Lord Dewinn?”

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Chapter 11 (b)

A groggy sleep deprived Glorianna made her way to the breakfast room. She felt as if she had not slept at all last night. Her eyes were gritty and her head ached slightly. Wisps of last nights dreams still filtered through her foggy mind.

Never before had her dreams seemed so real and never before had they included aspects that were not based in girlhood pain. Vaughn had seemed so real to her last night. She could nearly remember his scent enveloping her as he leaned over her bed. Could you smell in dreams?  He had come to her room and pleaded with her for help but what she remembered most vividly was her desire to keep him with her at all costs.

Sylvie dressed in a cheery cream and raspberry stripped gown was already seated in the sunny room as Glorianna pulled up a seat and poured her tea. She looked altogether refreshed and ready to face the day. Glorianna thought irritably.

Knox placed a plate of coddled eggs and toast before her and her stomach churned at the sight. She sipped her tea instead. She looked up to find Sylvie studying her intently.

“Darling is there something you would like to share?” Sylvie asked with a raised brow and a cat in the cream smile.

“Whatever would that be?” Glorianna mumbled. She was not in the mood for Sylvie’s little games.

“Sweetheart you look like death warmed over this morning.” Silvie said with sudden sincerity once shed gotten a good look at her friend. “Did you sleep at all last night?”

Glorianna set down her cup, “honestly Sylvie I don’t know. I was having those dreams again.”

“Ah those dreams…” Silvie said as if implying something Glorianna was not catching onto.

Sylvie knew all about the bothersome dreams that Glorianna had not ever been able to shake, it was quite irritating when all she had ever wanted to do was forget him. For the life of her, she could not understand why Silvie was all of a sudden making light of it.

“Well I wasn’t talking about the dreams sweet. I was inquiring as to your late night visitor or were you not going to share? Honestly you can’t keep secrets of that sort in a household such as ours.”

Glorianna looked at her blankly; the bite of toast in her mouth turning to dust as a dawning thought began.

Sylvie watched the play of emotion cross her friends expressive face. “Oh honey did you think he was part of your dream?”

Glorianna forcefully swallowed her dry toast and followed it with a sip of tea to moisten her mouth in order to speak. “Sylvie did you see him too?” She said in a croak.

“Not I darling but Sissy is a light sleeper. She reported this morning that she had seen you slip from your room and lead a most magnificent man, my words not hers, from your room up to the attic. Her description of the man…hmmm what did she say…ah yes ‘a great giant of a man with longish dark hair and shoulders the width of a doorway’. That sounds amazingly like a description of Lord DeWinn I thought.”

“Oh god Sylvie I didn’t dream him then he was really here!” Then Glorianna remembered locking him in to that attic room. “Oh my, he must be furious.” Glorianna pushed back from the table to tear from the room heading straight for the stairs.” She could hear the sound of Sylvie’s laughter as she instructed Sissy to make up a tray for their guest.

She slowed her steps as she neared the room into which she had locked Vaughn. He would be furious she thought hands perspiring. But then what care did she if he was indeed furious. He had stood her up last night not to mention abandoning her as a love struck girl she thought. With that in mind, her back straightened and her renewed anger put a bit of spark back into her. She reached out a hand and unlocked the door from a set of keys kept in the hall bureau just as the pounding of large fists upon the door commenced.

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Chapter 11 (a)

Vaughn lay on the cramped bed in the tiny attic room. He could tell by the light coming in from the small dormer window that it was early morning. He had not slept a wink. His legs hung off the bed and even curled he could not fit his large body comfortably onto the stingy mattress. Where was Glorianna? He needed to speak to her desperately.

He forced himself to forget the sight of her in her flowing white night rail. He hair in a messy braid and her sweet pink toes padding ahead of him as she had led him like an ethereal ghost to this room. Even sleep mussed her tiny form was an erotic site to his starved eyes. Her tiny breasts pinched with cold he cold close his eyes and remember her nipples brushing against her gown with every step. Vaughn squeezed his eyes shut willing his erection to subside.

Where was she? He needed to start thinking of how to get out of this blasted room. He had already tried the lock. She hadn’t left the key in the door so it could not be pushed out and retrieved under the door. She had taken it with her obviously. Was she so angry with him still that she’d leave him here to rot? How much of a disturbance could he make to get her attention without giving himself away to the rest of the household?

He needed to keep his whereabouts secret. It was the reason for coming here. There was no one else in London he trusted. Had he miscalculated? Was she even now calling the Inspector? He growled to himself. As much as he admired the man, he could not help but remember the look in the inspector’s eyes as they roved over Glorianna.

When he had arrived back at his house to get ready for the exhibition he had found that Inspector Levinson had left his card with Harold. The newspaper identifying the last victims was placed nearby. It was a shock when he’d read the identities of the latest women taken down by the East End murderer. At first he had thought that the Inspector had called upon him to photograph the victims again. Then he realized finally that all of the victims targeted had been his subjects. It could not be a coincidence. It all started to add up to Vaughn. He was being framed and the Inspector was looking for him.

Who could hold him in such low regard that they would want him to be blamed for those heinous crimes? His thoughts tumbled about. One way or another he had to get to the bottom of this. He could not stay in hiding forever. Vaughn began to pace. It was a short trek. His long legs made about three strides to the next side of the small room. Damn he felt like a trapped rat! He would give Glorianna another hour or two and then he would bring down the house to get out if he had to.

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Chapter 10 (c)

Caught in the dream she detested Glorrianna wept within the copes of trees at the the end of the lane of her childhood home. Why had he gone her dream self thought? She had come to their meeting spot again and again this last month and there had been no sign of Vaughn. She had read in the paper today an announcement of his marriage and her sobs became harder as she recalled the stunned feelings of betrayal. In her dream she was supine on the grass curled into herself in misery the sobs becoming painful in their intensity.

She awoke with a start. What had blessedly wakened her from this hatefully repeated dream? She searched the darkened room looking for any disturbance that might have disturbed her. At the side of the bed a great dark figure hovered over her and she sucked in a horrified breath ready to let loose a scream.

A  large hot hand came down over her mouth before she could let it out. Her breath stuck in her lungs. Her eyes huge in her frightened face until a familiar if unwanted voice began to sooth her. Could she still be dreaming? Never in the dream had he come back to her. Why was he here now, in this new addition, to torment her in her sleep?

“Shh Glory, it’s me,” Vaughn said quietly.

She could not speak around the hand still covering her mouth so she thrashed her head back and forth in fear.

“Glory I have no where else to go, please if I take my hand away will you hush?”

Glorianna was instantly intrigued by this new aspect of her dream. Perhaps now there would be some explanation from him. With a slight nod she quieted and the specter took away his hand only to run it carressingly through her unbound locks. A caress so real and warm she could almost believe this was not a dream.

“I’m being framed Glory. Now is not the time to explain in full. But I’ve come to beg a favor I have no right in asking.

He sat at her bedside his great weight dipping the mattress causing her to roll  closer to him. Never in any dream had she felt his warmth so profoundly.

“I need a place to stay for a bit. There is know one else in London I trust. Please Glory I need you to pay attention,” he said as her fingers began to slide up his arm in wonder.

Her questing fingers were throwing him off balance. He held her hands immobile. Is there a place I can stay here?

Her dream lover wanted to stay with her? This did not make sense her muttled brain argued. Always he had abandoned her. Now he wanted to stay? This made no sense. However, if she had a way to keep him this time she would. This time he would stay.

She swung her legs off the side of the bed and took her lovers hand. So warm and big she thought. She led him up the servants stairs to a small room in the attic. It had once been used to house servants that they did not need.


Glorianna gestured him to follow her into the room. It held a single bed and a chest of drawers with a pine aware at the side. He followed her in looking around and the sparse accommodations but he was hardly in a place to complain.

As if in a dream Glorrianna stretched from her tiny height and clasped his neck to bring his mouth to hers as she used to so many years ago. The kiss she imparted was both sweet and confusing. She had not uttered a word since they left her room, “Stay,” was all she said now.

She turned and left the room and when the door closed Vaughn heard the unmistakable snick of a lock being turned from the outside.

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Chapter 10 (b)

On the night of the exhibition Glorianna paced in the front parlor awaiting her escort.  She was dressed in one of Sylvies gowns and while she admired the azure color that enhanced her eyes spectacularly she could not help but be uncomfortable with the scandalously low neckline.  She would never have purchased such a thing for herself and that was the reason for lend. Sylvie had dismissed each of her gowns as too demure.

“Darling quite your pacing you are making me utterly dizzy watching you.”

“Sylvie I cannot believe I agreed to let you dress me tonight!”

“But sweetheart you look utterly dashing and Sissy did wonders with your hair.”

It was true, Sissy was quite talented dressing hair. She didn’t want to wonder how considering. Sissy had expertly swept it up into a stylish rumple and let the ends of her silvery curls cascade down her back past her shoulders. It was a decidedly provocative style.

“Here,” Sylvie said coming to her, “have a tot of brandy. It will do wonders to steady your nerves.”

“Sylvie, liquor is not the answer to all,” she said even while taking the cut crystal and downing the contents in one swift swallow.

Sylvie chuckled, “there now that should warm you sufficiently.”

“Where could he be Sylvie? It’s almost an hour past the time he had said he would call. I can’t imagine him to be so late. He was always such a prompt individual.”

“He was prompt eighteen years ago lovey,” Sylvie said sipping her own brandy, “you are dealing with an entirely different man now.”

“Could he really be so different? Is that a good thing or a bad thing do you think?”

“Well good in that it would be a different man than the one that left you high and dry,” her pixie brow furrowed, “bad in that you do not know at all what to expect of him.”


The clock chimed the hour of ten. Vaughn was now more than two hours late and Glorianna had to admit to herself that he was not coming. Perhaps he had not changed at all she thought. He had yet again left her with expectations that would fall short.

Sylvie had remained with her during the irritating wait. “Well I am done!” Glorrianna said emphatically. He obviously had second thoughts about escorting me. I wonder if he showed up at the exhibition at all for that mater.”

“You don’t know dearest, something could have detained him. Why don’t we retire? A good nights sleep with put everything right. “

With a sigh of resignation Glorrianna agreed, “lead the way.”

The two women made their way above  and parted at the top of the stairs. Sylvie gave Glorianna a kiss on the cheek and they parted ways to their perspective rooms.

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Chapter 10 (a)

Well I will be on vacation this weekend so my next installment will be on Monday.  Enjoy:)

Clive Levinson reclined in his bath and thought over the events of the day. Harelson sat precariously on the edge waiting for his master to impart more wisdom. The intriguing bubbles that he occasionally batted his kitty paw at holding most of his attention frankly.

“Ah Harelson,” Clive sighed, “if only everyone would shut up and show so much attention in what I have to say.” He chucked and splashed the cat playfully sending the feline scurrying away in a huff.

After he left an irritated Glorianna Lockely rearranging her disarrayed gown he’d stopped by Scotland Yard. A missive had been waiting for him from George Lusk head of the Whitechapel Vigilance committee. What had taken the blighter so long to forward it he could only guess. Clive frowned in thought at what the note both concealed and reveled.

It had read:

From Hell

Mr Lusk
I send you half the
Kidne I took from one women
prasarved it for you tother piece
I fried and ate it was very nice. I
may send you the bloody knif that
took it out if you only wate a whil

It was signed:

catch me when
you Can
Mishter Lusk.

It had been accompanied by a picture of the kidney stated in the note. A picture that closely resembled the style in which he had become accustomed to seeing in Lord DeWinns work.

Harelson hopped back up onto the tub. “Harleson, do you detect something strange about the note?” He inquired of his cat.

Harelson meowed.

“Quite,” Clive replied. The note was obviously supposed to be a misdirection. The words of someone barley literate. However, the sender had known to put a silent “k” in front of the word “knife” and an “h” in “while” which indicated to Clive that the note was intended to disguise a literate man. A doctor or a Baron perhaps?

Clive really didn’t think Lord DeWinn could have been the sender. He had a knack for feeling out a mans character and Lord DeWinn fit none of the criteria for being the type to commit these heinous crimes. However, circumstantial evidence was building up to implicate him, conveniently implicate him, as if he was being framed by someone that knew what to use to reach that end. Someone like Dr. Tesh whom Clive had no problem believing it was well with in the doctor’s character to do so. Nevertheless, the two had become Clive’s number one and two prime suspects.

The Chief inspector was not inclined to listen to this.

“No Harelson, there is something shifty going on at the Yard concerning this case.

The cat eyed him with seeming interest.

“They are discouraging me in following leads and concentrating on unlikely suspects. It’s as if they just want to find a plausible villain to satisfy the crowds.”

Harelson batted at a few more bubbles.

“Well Harelson my friend, it seems it’s up to you and me to hash this out.”

Clive pulled the plug on the tub. A disappointed Harelson took himself off in search of other distractions. Whether he believed in DeWinns innocence or not he must speak to him.

Clive began pulling himself together. There was a photographic exhibition this evening and he had been told that one of the exhibitors would be Lord DeWinn. It would be an interesting conversation Clive thought.

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chapter 9 (c)

The cab rolled up to her address in Brook Street. The gas lanterns cast a looming shadow in the ever growing fog that would soon encompass the city in a shroud.

The step of the cab was lowered and Clive stepped out onto the walk infront of her townhouse. She ook the hand Clive proffered and looked up at him as she gained the walk a moment behind.  She looked up at the facade of her house. So welcoming in the nearing darkness, gas lights flickering from behind the thick brocade draperies. The fire within would warm her clammy nerves.

“Let us make haste Inspector,” Glorrianna said nervously, “the chill of the city is upon us.”

With that Glorianna made her way quickly up the steps. The door was promptly opened by the ever present Sissy. Glorrianna would not spare a moment of this strange night wondering why Sylvies ladies maid was answering the door instead of Knox. She would certainly not question why she felt safer with Sissy at the door than Knox.

“Sissy we will adjourn to the rear parlor. Please have refreshments served there,” Glorianna said with as much composure as she could muster.

“This way Inspector,” She led the way to the private parlor at the back of the house. This was not a time for formalities, the more comfortable the better, Glorianna thought.

Her favorite room was already set with a crackling fire chasing away the chill of the encroaching evening.

Glorianna made herself comfortable on her favorite overstuffed settee. She motioned the inspector to the the chair across from her.  He ignored her suggestion and insinuated himself on the settee next to her, so close that their thighs brushed against each other, Glorianna squirmed in carnal  acknowledgement. At that moment Sissy entered with a tea tray accompanied by a much desired bottle of brandy.

“Thank you Sissy that will be all,” Glorianna said in her most respectable tone.

Sissy frowned and humphed as she turned shutting the door just short of a click.

“Shall I poor inspector?” Glorianna asked.

“As long as you are poring that brandy please do,” he said with a charming dimple showing in his unshaven cheek.

She yearned to stroke that rough cheek. To feel the contours of his masculine face benieth her fingers. She imagined herself reaching over and undoing his tie, the silken strands slipping through her fingers. Then she realized she was not just thinking those things but doing. The remains of his tie dropping from her nerveless fingers. Oh she was evil ended she thought.

Clive caught her fingers as she began to undo the front of his shirt. “Is this what you want Glorianna?”

She had not expected him to question her actions. He was more aware of what was going on than she was apparently. She was acting on impulse. He was still in fully cognizant of everything going on around him. How unshakable he was she thought.


Clive wrapped his collapsed hand around the delicate china cup that was filled to the brim with brandy, his tea of choice if truth be known.

The lady was primed he could tell and he was pleased. He knew in his gut that Lord DeWinn had prior claim and he would not even think of the vile Dr. Tesh. Yet he wanted her. That was the plain and unvarnished truth. He still intended to question her but the questions could hold a moment or two or three for that matter he thought indulgently. He needed answers, but he intended to have his fun first.

Quite obviously the widow Lockley intended to have her fun as well and he was not about to dissuade her from that goal. He was a man after all. A man with needs he reminded himself. He reminded himself ruthlessly that he could also use her needs to his advantage. Looking her squarely in the eye he began a merciless seduction.

“Glorianna,” he said in the quietest of voices almost questioningly.

She could not utter a word. Not to answer his unspoken question. Not to make small talk she was utterly with out words.

His hand delved benieth her fashionably narrow skirts, traveling up her thigh. His calloused fingers making contact with her bare skin at the slit between her drawers.

Oh this Is what I want Glorianna thought as she gave herself up to Clive’s seduction. To forget, to experience, to replace thoughts she should forget. Yet the imagine of vaughn intruded. She pushed them ruthlessly  aside concentrating on the feelings Clive was invoking. She wanted Inspector Levenson she reminded herself…Clive…she corrected in her mind.

“Oh yes,” she murmured.

“Is this what you want lovely?” he said kissing up the side of her sweetly turned neck, a finger delving into her wetness.

“yes, yes,”

“Do you want more love?” he asked in a husked voice.

“more,” was all she could say.

“ahh so sweet, so hot, so wet for me,” Clive murmured. “open for me love.”

She could do nothing but comply. The sweet extacy of what he was doing with his fingers defied all coherent thinking.

Suddenly he covered her on the settee. No longer were they sitting side by side. No longer were they in a polite embrace. She was prone on the couch he sitting at her feet skirts drawn up. Realization started to set in but he calmed her with a kiss at her knee.

“shhh love, it’s just us,” and is lips began to travel from her knee to the slit in her drawers. Oh how she wished at this point that she had been one of those evolved women that eshued undergarments. How much better it would feel if Clive had full access to her most personal parts. And then his mouth was there and she couldn’t think.

Clive was doing things with his tongue she had only dreamed of in her most depraved of fantasies. He tongued her nub and she shuddered with feeling. His wet mouth covering her most intimate of places. Oh this is what I need Glorianna thought in disjointed imaginings.

She was swept up in erotic feeling. Severed from her regular boring person. Injected forcefully into a world of bliss so strong it shook her to her core.

As the volcanic eruption inside her subsided she became aware of Clive hovering over her. His intense face one of obvious need. In a haze she allowed him to part her thighs and insert himself between them. He pulled her stays beneath her spare breasts.

“Ah love, you have lovely breasts,” he murmured lowering his head to suckle her exposed nipples. “So sweet, like peaches,” he said between licks.

“They are too small,” she said in wonder.

“mmm not too small just right for you love,” and he licked them again. One long tonging from under her left breast to her nipple and there he hovered. Breathing lightly upon the nub. Heightening the expectation before he sucked it into is mouth in a powerful draw.

Clive positioned himself over her,he had discarded his trousers, nothing lay between them. He took one hand and guided himself into her. God so tight, so wet, he thought as he pushed himself further inside. It was like heaven being inside Glorianna he thought. She smelled like spring time and felt like clouds bursting with rain. I’ve become a damed poet he thought disparingly.

They came together with long drawn out thrusts. He slided against her walls over and over. The feeling was sublime. He could loose himself in this woman he thought. Panting wih the aftermath of their joining he paused, damned if he would he thought. With an economy of movement he forced himself to disengage in what could surely drag him under if he stayed another minute. He had a damned job to do and no matter what the cause he should not be sidetracked by a beautiful woman, no matter that her scent and disheveled appearance made him want to forget any professional interest he had in her. He looked at her hurt and questioning eyes and began to again forget his professional perspective. No. He thought a prime pair of thigh and a sweet smile would not get the best of him,” Glorrianna,” he approached quietly.

“oh just get it over with,” Glorrianna said on a sigh as she began to right herself.

“What do you know of Lord deWinns and Dr. Tesh’s whereabouts on the night of  8 September?”a

“That was the night Annie Chapman died?”

“Yes,” the indpector said as he pored himself another cup of brandy.

“I cannot say clive ,” she used his name shyly. “I saw them both briefly but not at an hour that would give either an alibi, if that is what you really want to know.”

“Thank you for being truthful. I’ll admit that I needed to question you on this matter but please please do not interpret that my desire for you stemmed from such. You are a lovely woman and you will be my lovely in my mind. If you ever have need of me I will be but a message away.

With that he kissed the tender inside of Glorianna’s wrist and made his way toward the door. “It’s fine Sissy I’ll see my way out,” she could hear him say.

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chapter 9 (a)

Well I am back at it with much more enthusiasm thanks to my contest win:) This story is taking on a life of it’s own. It’s becoming much more of a “who dun it/erotic romance” than I had planned it to be. My first thought was that it would be another 20,000-30,000 word novella approximately 12 chapters. The story is not cooperating. I’m up to 12,000 plus words and there is so much more to explore. What I thought was the diddling middle is really a 3 part diddle. Not to mention that I have not written any of the ‘love’ scenes. I’ve added a character, the cross dressing maid Sissy, oh she/he is fun and a whole nother story. I’ve changed the name of the slick Dr. Melton to Dr. Tesh (I was never keen on Melton, I just picked it out of a hat) you’ll find out why in a chapter or two…ohhh such a mystery hehe

chapter 9

Extra Extra read it hear! Two more Whitechapel horrors. When will the murderer be captured?Read it hear first!

Sylvie was sitting in the small breakfast room nibbling on a piece of toast.

“Good morning dearest,” she said looking up from the paper she had been reading. “Dreadful news this morning.”

“Do tell,” Glorianna said helping herself to tea.

“Those awful murders taking place in the east end. Those poor women, “she shivered,”I cannot imagine the terror the community must feel out there. It makes me afraid even though the madman has not reached his hand into any of the respectable neighborhoods.”

“Sylvie you know that the majority of whitechaple and the surrounds are quite respectable.  Of course there are pockets of danger but look no further than Marleybone to see that.”

“Oh quite quite, I suppose I did not word that statement correctly , you know I’m not so much a snob or finger pointer for all that.”

Glorrianna had only to see Sissy to know that she thought with an inward chuckle. Did Sylvie really not realize that she was employing a man as a ladies maid? However, it was not her place to meddle in Sylvies private business if she did not wish to share it. She just hoped her friend was not so naively stupid and there was some other explaination for Sissy.

Glorianna opened the invitation that had been laid next to her. She fingered the envelope somewhat trepidations to open it. She recognized the hand writing even if she hadn’t seen it for eighteen years.

“Well darling are you going to open it?” Sylvie said with obvious anticipation.

“It’s another invitation,” Glorrianna said softly not looking at Sylvie.

“Sweetest do not keep me on pins!”

“It’s from Lord DeWinn,” Glorianna said looking up to judge her friends reaction.

“hmm to what?” Sylvie said drolly, a secretive smile on her petite face.

Glorianna smiled slyly in return. Her friend would stop at nothing in her matchmaking even if it was to promote a swain that was a self imposed ‘off limits’ candidate.

“Keep your petticoats from bunching,” Glorriana laughed. Oh it felt good to laugh at the situation, “Lord DeWinn has invited me to a photographic exhibition nothing more.”

“Well I shall be your escort dearest,” Sylvie said in her starchiest tone, “far be it for me to let you attend unchaperoned.”

“I’m a widow Sylvie.”

“Ah yes but a widow in search of a lover…”


“Oh don’t ‘Sylvie me’ I know what you are up to. I saw the way that man devoured you with his eyes. And don’t believe for one moment that I did not see you eat him up in return. Correct me if I’m wrong but he is a widower same as you now no?

“Oh Sylvie don’t start. It’s much too complicated for such a simple occurrence to make such a difference.”

“Well my peach I think it makes all the difference in the world. You are both now free. I would not be apposed to the two of you acting on it. I will be the soul of discretion.”

“I’m sure you will,” Glorrianna said with resignation. It seemed they would be attending the exhibition after all.

“I believe a shopping expedition is in order,” enthused Sylvie, “It’s been ages since we visited Madam Veroux’s.”

Glorianna did not want to quash her friends enthusiasm even if she did have serious reservations about accepting Vaughn’s reservation. It was so hard thinking of him as Lord DeWinn when he had always been ‘Vaughn’ in her mind. However, she must try to maintain some distance and it began with the way she thought of him. She could not so easily succumb to him. It was unthinkable. But oh how lovely his kisses had been.

“A shopping trip it is then,” Glorrianna smiled with forced gusto.

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I Won I Won

As I told you yesterday I took a brief (very brief) break in writing this story. I’ve read that taking breaks can be helpful and this tip surely was. I entered a flash fiction contest. The rules were the story must contain 500 – 900 words and must include a sex scene. Below is my winning entry:) I’ll be enthusiastically returning to the next regular chapter tomorrow.

The boy next door contest winner
He was her new neighbor. It was more than he could have expected for the girl next door to notice him in classes last term. It was painful to watch her leave for her summer job each morning. A sweet ponytail swinging with the sway of her hips.

He had taken to leaving her notes in her mailbox each afternoon. “Don’t wear panties today.” his first note read. He watched her leave for work the following morning, wearing a skirt. He wondered if she had followed his instructions. He fisted his erection imagining the unprotected lips of her sex moistening with the friction of each step.

“Do not wear a bra or panties.” read the next note. Again he watched her leave wearing another skirt and a camisole concealed by a blazer. He could not tell from his window if she had followed his instructions but he imagined that she had. He pumped his cock thinking of her small unbound breasts jiggling and available to his unfettered touch. Her pointed nipples inviting his lips.
A third note in her mail box read, “No panties or bra. Leave your hair down.” She panted at the thought. She could only guess who had been leaving her these notes. She couldn’t help being titillated by the thought of the sexy boy next door leaving them. She complied because of that hope.

She left that morning without her undergarments. It felt so naughty and illicit to be without that barrier. Her nipples brushing against her top was a constant reminder of the erotic pleasure she felt thinking of him. She’d been sure to comply to each demand, would he notice?

She hoped he knew she was following instructions. Would he continue this odd seduction? She hoped he would finally approach her. He was incredibly striking. Not handsome in a classical sense, overly tall and intimidatingly muscular with an arrestingly masculine visage. She had imagined more than once a look of ecstasy upon that face as he worked above her prone figure.
He watched from his window excitement gripping him. She bounced down her front steps, hair flowing free. She was following his instructions he thought, a groan of frustrated sexual desire escaping.

When she arrived home he was sitting on her doorstep. She stepped from her car and he rose, his height impressive, “hello there,” he greeted, a slanting smile on his full lips.

“Hello yourself,” she said with a shy smile. She nervously pushed her hair behind her ears.

“Invite me in,” he said in a soft but commanding tone.

She answered by brushing past him up the steps, the smell of her, vanilla and spice, reaching him in a rush of desire. She unlocked the door, pausing to let him enter. She closed the door behind him and leaned against it eyes cast down demurely.
“Remove your clothes, I want to see you,” he said crowding her against the door. He stood so close she could feel the heat pulsing off his large body.
She watched his eyes devour her as she began to undress. She felt pleasure low in her belly to see the admiration in his dark gaze. This was so different from the usual dating encounters she’d had. She didn’t have to think about what to do, how to please him. He simply told her. It was a thrill to watch his eyes heat as she removed each item of clothing. It was freeing.

Without undergarments she didn’t have much to remove and soon stood before him nude, nipples pebbling with excitement. He was still fully clothed and it added another layer of erotic mystery to the encounter.

After a lengthy look up and down her body with his sensual eyes he spun her around. It was a shock to realize they were still at the door. He placed her hands firmly above her head, hands flat against the door. “Stay here,” he said in a lust roughened voice.

She trembled with sexual excitement. Her breaths coming in pants. He insinuated a knee between her thighs, inexorably pushing them apart. His fingers on her sex were a shock making her body pulse and tremble. She jumped in surprise.

“Don’t move,” he breathed in her ear.
Unbelievably he had her where he’d always wanted her. The pleasure of seeing her naked body available and ready was more than he could bare. This first time would be unfortunately quick. He promised himself he would make it up to her.

With one hand low on her back, just above her beautiful buttock he unzipped himself. He guided his cock into her weeping passage. She gasped as his length imbedded in her tight, wet, channel. Oh so good was his only thought. He pumped with long sure strokes. Faster. Stronger.

She was soon convulsing around him. Her tight heat taking him with her. With a thick arm about her slender waist he held her steady and found his own release.
It was like a million stars crashing down around them. Holding her close, he thought possessively, she is mine now. Nobody else’s.

He turned her around gently and kissed her slowly, tongue gliding smoothly. Their first kiss

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Chapter 8 (b)

A few days ago I entered a writing competition. I needed to write about something different. Get away from this story for a short bit and it did help. The results should be in tomorrow. It would be really nice to get a little validation so I’ll cross my fingers. It could be either really good for my motivation or really bad hehe. Anywhooo I’ll post the results here and you can see for yourself why I ranked as I did:)

Chapter 8 (b)

Vaughn took a deep breath and rearranged his longish hair with one hand then replaced his hat. He looked towards her door and squared his wide shoulders. With a furrowed brow, he lifted the knocker and applied it with resolve. He was about to come face to face with the woman he yearned for, the woman he had not seen since he had wronged her eighteen long years ago. Please god he thought do not let her shut the door in my face.

The door opened promptly and Vaughn was faced with a tallish, semi masculine woman. If he did not know better he would have suspected the woman was actually actually a man. He handed her his card and said politely. “Is your mistress receiving?”

The mannish woman took his card saying in a voice that seemed unusually low, “There are two mistresses of the house my lord, and they are currently not receiving callers.” The woman made to close the door. This was not beginning well Vaughn thought.

He put a hand to the door before it could close in his face. “Please, err Miss,” her eyes squinted at his hesitation in addressing her; “if you could just present Mrs. Lockley with my card I would be indebted to you.”

“Very well,” she said on a put out sigh, “stay there just a moment. She turned away and Vaughn could distinctly here her murmur to herself something about “proposing louts….” Vaughn was not used to being made to wait on a doorstep and his fingers tapped against his thigh in impatience.

A moment later Vaughn was confronted with a pixie like creature, the maid hovering behind her looking more like a bodyguard now than a maid, “Lord deWinn,” the small woman said with a scowl marring her elfin features, “You are not welcome here!”

“Please Miss…?” Vaughn said at a loss as to how to address her.

“Mrs. Babbet,” she helped arms crossed over her chest. “You dare to show your face here?”

“I would just like to speak to Glorianna Mrs. Babbet,” Vaughn said wondering just how much she knew of their prior relationship.

Stamping her foot in a show of temper, “That’s Mrs. Lockley to you Lord DeWinn, and I believe Sissy told you she was not receiving,” she motioned to the maid cum bodyguard  behind her.  “You have ignored Mrs. Lockley for eighteen years and now you waltz in and expect an audience with her?”

Vaughn’s question was confirmed, Mrs. Babbet obviously knew quite a lot about his past relationship with Glorianna. “I’m sorry Mrs. Babbet but I must speak to her,” he said as he brushed by her and stepped quickly around a glowering Sissy.

“How dare you!” Mrs. Babbet said from behind as his long stride took him quickly from the foyer and towards what must be the main parlor. He would look in every damn room if he had to he thought.


Glorianna sat with her feet up comfortably sipping her brandy laced tea trying to calm her nerves. She would surely become an alcoholic if her nerves were continually frayed as they had been of late. First that horrible confrontation with Dr. Melton and then on the heals of that catastrophe Sissy had come to inform them that Vaughn had come to call. She shivered even though the room was not cold. How had he found her she thought and what was Sylvie saying to him now? Perhaps she should have agreed to see him.

However, she could not bring herself to. She had dreamt of him every night since the one at the Royal Photographic Society meeting. How much worse would it be if he were close enough to touch? She would embarrass herself for sure. She could imagine what a laugh he and his beautiful wife would have when they discussed poor little Glorianna still so much in love with a man who had abandoned her long ago. Tears began to form in her eyes. If she shed one more tear for that man, she would surely go insane.

On that thought, the door burst open and there he was, tall and commanding as she always remembered him to be.

“I’m sorry sweetheart,” Sylvie pushed past him rushing to her side, “he cur simply barged in. You do not have to speak with him! Say the word and I will have Knox and Sissy escort him out.”

Glorianna now saw that indeed Knox and Sissy were hovering in the doorway ready to act on their mistresses behalf.  Glorianna almost giggled with looming hysteria at the ridiculous sight of the maid nearly topping Knox the footman in height very nearly more masculine than he.

“It’s ok Sylvie,” Glorianna said swallowing the lump threatened to close her throat, “I’ll be fine. Please shut the door,”

“Are you certain? “ Sylvie asked in concern.

“Yes I’m certain,” she said standing on shaking knees. “I’ll call if I have need. I promise,” she reassured.

“Alright then,” Sylvie said pausing at the door, “we shall be nearby.” With a snick, the door shut.

Now she faced the man who had haunted her for so long. He was no longer a dream but flesh and blood. Oh how her heart ached just looking up at his beautiful face.

Glorianna gathered her wits. She would not let him see how much he affected her. “Lord DeWinn.” she greeted him with a composed nod. Surely, he would not see how she trembled.

“Glorianna,” his low voice rolled over her senses and she briefly closed her eyes savoring the sound. “There is no need to be so formal is there?” His brow furrowed just as it had eighteen years ago.

“We are strangers now my lord,” she said folding her hands in front of her to still their quaking.

He came to stand before her. He stood so close that she could feel the heat coming off his body. She now had to tilt her head back to speak feeling a bit dizzy. Was it the position she now had to hold or was it merely his proximity she wondered? “We became strangers the day you left without a word my lord.”

“Glory let me explain…”

“You have nothing to explain my lord,” she said with a bit of heat, “your actions have spoken volumes.”

“I know I hurt you Glory, I was young and stupid. I thought it was the best way but I can look back now and see that I was an ass. Please forgive me Glory?”

“As I said my lord there is nothing to explain, nothing to forgive. We were both young and I was apparently stupid as well, “she turned her back to him and stepped a pace or two away. She could not look at him and say the things she needed to say. She could not stand so close and not want to reach out and touch him. That would be foolish.

“How were you stupid in this Glory?”

She could feel that he had stepped up behind her, his words whispering from above her head.

“My lord, I’m sure many a young and impressionable girl has made the same stupid mistake that I did.”

The heat of his large beloved hands were now on her shoulders. He squeezed gently, “you made no mistake Glory, it was me not you,”

She whirled on him suddenly beyond sadness. “You see sir when a man tells an eighteen year old girl that he loves her she has the woeful tendency to believe him. I am not the first girl to be stupid enough to believe that!”

“I did love you Glory,” he said with vehemence. “I still love you!”

“Lord DeWinn, you are mistaken. We are strangers now, you do not know me and I do not nor do I want to know you know! I suggest you go back to your wife and leave me be. You have only dredged up old wounds and I have no desire to bring up more!”

“My wife is dead Glorianna!”

A shocked silence followed that outburst. Glorianna spoke into the quiet of the room, “I am sorry for your loss then my lord.”

Glorianna reeled inside. What was she doing pushing him away when all she wanted was to pull him closer? Nevertheless, she must! She could not be dragged back into the pain and hurt that was Vaughn.

“Good day Lord DeWinn,” she turned to leave but he somehow beat her to the door and locked it.

“Glory…,” he said crowding her, “I cannot articulate my feelings, god knows how I wish I could,” he said in an anguished voice, “let me show you,” he said reaching out and gently touching her hair his fingers trailing down to her neck exposed by her upswept hair, “let me show you how I feel.”

He lowered his mouth bending from his great height to meet hers.  She melted instantly. Oh how lovely those beguiling lips felt. His arms came about her as he deepened the kiss. He lifted her in those strong arms and she remembered how safe she had always felt in them. So different from poor Henry whom she had never felt protected in his arms. How distinctly different from Dr. Melton she inwardly shivered. She had definitely not felt safe in his arms she thought.

Vaughn carried her to the sofa and lowered her gently. He was always so gentle with her she thought loosing herself in his kisses. His big body came down over hers. He pulled back a fraction his large hand stroking the lines of her face. Oh how she loved this man. The thought made her freeze. Reality of what she was allowing breaking over her. She pushed against his wide shoulders.

“What is it Glory?” Vaughn whispered huskily.

“I cannot do this Vaughn.”

“Ah how I love to hear my name on your lovely lips,” he smiled.

“Vaughn you must stop,” she said with a bit more force pushing at him harder.

He sat up realizing she was now pulling away from him instead of burrowing closer. His brow puckered and he looked at her questioningly.

“I need time to think Vaughn. Obviously there is still an attraction between us but that is all there is.

“It’s not simple attraction Glory…nothing that simple,” he hung his head, elbows braced on his knees with his fingers dangling between his thighs.

“It is,” she said emphatically, “and if I succumb to this desire between us now I’m afraid I’ll be as much a fool now as I was as a girl.”

“You were never ever a fool Glory.”

“I want you to go Vaughn,” she said quietly

He stood with resignation written in every line of his body “alright. I’ll give you time to think, but I will be back Glory this is not finished.”

Vaughn unlocked the door, “just promise me you will stay away from Dr. Melton?”

She had already decided for her own reasons that she would but she was curious that Vaughn would make that request. “Why?” she asked simply.

“There are some things I’ve found out about him that do not sit right. He is not the man he puts out to the world.” Vaughn paused as if thinking better of continuing, “He will soon be under investigation for the murders in the east end and I don’t want you entangled in that.” He turned with that and showed himself out.

A frigid chill raced down Glorianna’s spine. Hadn’t she thought exactly that? That there was something decidedly wrong with the doctor after what he had visited upon her at the hotel? Oh, he was handsome indeed and compelling but her time spent with him in that room had convinced her that she should follow her feelings and cut short their liaison. What would Vaughn think of her if he knew exactly how much she intimately knew of the doctor’s façade? The evil she had felt lurking beneath his handsome exterior.

After that night she should have known better than be surprised at the burst of anger that the usually urbane doctor had shown. She relived the earlier meeting in her mind and resolved that in this case she had no trouble complying with Vaughns request.

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Chapter 8 (a)

I still have the diddle middle blues. I’m literally forcing myself to write just to have something to post on this blog. This was partially the purpose of this blog so I guess it was a good thing to do if I want to power on through this first draft. I did join a writing group that is really fun fan story . It’s a bit addicting like, mafia wars, sims etc… the more you critique other writers the higher you can promote your own writing on the board. The higher your writing is on the board the more people will critique your writing. I’ve been getting some really valuable feed back.
Chapter 8
Vaughn walked with purpose to the neat little town house on the corner lot of Brook Street. The day was unusually pleasant for London but his thoughts were not. He tried to gather them as his long legs ate up the ground and brought him inexorably closer. Would she even deign to see him he thought?
Almost upon the steps, he spied an angry looking Dr. Melton taking his leave of the residence in question. He wore an angry scowl upon his handsome face as he placed his hat upon his scrupulously pomaded blond head.
Vaughn decided he would put a stop to the doctor’s attentions to Glorianna right here and now. It was for her own good he reasoned. There was something off about the doctor. It was more than a feeling now. Thoughts of yesterday’s murder circled his head. She might not like it but she had to be warned.

The doctor was now down the front steps and making his way determinedly to a waiting hansom.

“Ho there!” Vaughn called out to him.
The doctor spun in agitation. He clearly did not want to be bothered at this moment. “Good day to you Lord DeWinn. I see you are putting the information I gave you to quick use,” he said with a scowl.
“I’d like a word if I might,” Vaughn said in a deceptively calm voice.
“I really haven’t the time for a tet-a-tet right now Lord DeWinn,” The doctor cast a dark look toward the house he had just left. “Perhaps another time.”
“No, not another time doctor. We will discuss this now,” Vaughn said looking down at Dr. Melton. He knew his height and breadth sometimes intimidated, he would usually be bothered by that fact, however now he used it to his advantage.
“I don’t want you calling on Mrs. Lockley again sir.”
“What rights have you to tell me what I can or cannot do my lord? I doubt very highly that the widow would like having a watchdog. She seems very capable of putting people off herself.”
Vaughn wondered what had just occurred between the two but went on “Right now I don’t care whether Glorianna likes it or not. What I do care about is her safety. I’m warning you now doctor that if you do not desist your attentions I will be forced to act.”
Dr. Melton narrowed his eyes, “are you threatening me with something my lord?”
“Indeed I am,” Vaughn, said darkly, “it may have come to your attention that another murder was committed. However, you may not know that the victim has been identified.”
“Yes I read about that, nasty business,” the doctor stroked his goatee, “yet I still fail to see what a threat that is to me.”
“The victim was identified as Dark Annie.”
“Dark Annie…?” the doctor said as if the name meant nothing to him.
“Come now Dr. Melton, your memory cannot be so faulty. Surly in such a short time you still remember me introducing her to you just the other day.
“Ah, Annie. The whore is dead you say? Well that is unfortunate.”
“It would be more unfortunate doctor if I shared with the intrepid inspector Levinson just how closely her fatal wounds resembled those of the autopsy I saw conducted by you at the hospital.”
“Hm, I see that I was mistaken in what I thought was a mutual respect my lord. If what you are doing is accusing me of being the vile bastard that has been terrorizing the east end of late, I am clearly wrong. I would also remind you that you met with Annie same as I. You are a much more familiar sight in those environs than I am in fact. I wonder where you were that morning I might ask?”
A dark look entered Vaughn’s eyes, “I didn’t say the murder took place in the morning.”
Dr. Melton looked uncomfortable, “I read the newspapers! Never the less it’s nothing to do with me so if you don’t mind,” he indicated his cab, “I must be going. I’ll thank you to keep your unfounded speculations to yourself.”
With a huff, the doctor turned and entered his cab. He suddenly leaned back out saying to Vaughn with an ugly sneer on his otherwise attractive face, his temper clearly in evidence, “By the way Lord DeWinn, you might tell that bloody little bitch yonder, “he said with a wave of his arm towards Glorianna’s townhouse, “that she aught to watch her tongue, or somebody will end up watching it for her.”
Vaughn watched the cab roll away a dark feeling blooming in his breast. The papers had not known the time of death at the time of publication. Therefore could not have reported it and by confronting the doctor he may have just made a bad situation worse for Glorianna.

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Chapter five

A note about goals here. I had read that setting deadlines was a good way to keep you on track. I set a very simple goal of 500 words a day excepting weekends. But alas I am SUCH a procrastinator. Have I written 500 words a day? NO! However, I have a built in guilt monitor and I do end up keeping track of the days I have not written anything. When I do sit down to do my duty, I multiply the unproductive days by 500 and that is my new goal for that particular session. I’ve kept caught up with my schedule in that way so far. I write with diarrhea fingers, churning out 1,500 words or more anyway. Although I’m sure if I set a goal of 1,500 words every time I sat down I wouldn’t do it.  In other words by setting my goal so low I’m actually able to cheat AND keep up. So I guess goals and deadlines are good…even if I have a strange way of keeping to them.

Chapter 5

Late the next afternoon a message arrived for Vaughn where he had taken up bachelor quarters in London. It was a respectable address if not luxurious. But Vaughn was used to doing for himself with a minimum of help. He preferred it that way.

The missive was an invitation from Dr. Melton to meet with him at the Lloyd and Finch public rooms that same evening for supper.  Vaughn new the place. It was frequented by business men and clerks. He’d taken a meal or two there himself since arriving in London.  It was located conveniently to his bank.

Vaughn took his time piece from his waistcoat pocket.  Curious by the invitation he made up his mind quickly to join the doctor. He had plenty of time to make the meeting by walking. Since he’d been in London he hadn’t had nearly enough exercise, used as he was to laboring at his estate in Cornwall. It would also give him time to sort his thoughts as to how he felt about the doctor.

The man made him uneasy and he wasn’t sure why. It didn’t help that Glorianna seemed to look at the doctor with a smile in her eyes that used to fall upon Vaughn himself once upon a time. Could his uneasiness be simple jealousy. Well he would find out soon enough he thought and this would also give him a chance to politely try and extract Glorianna’s direction from the man.

“I’m glad you were able to meet with me Lord DeWinn,” Dr. Melton said smoothly. Standing to greet Vaughn and indicating a chair across the table.

“I was certainly surprised to hear from you,” DeWinn said politely.

“Why the surprise Lord DeWinn? I think we have much in common that could be useful to us both.” Dr. Melton said as he signaled a serving maid.

“And what is that exactly Dr. Melton?” De Winn said in a low tone. He couldn’t mean Glorianna could he Vaughn wondered. No. Nobody knew of his connection to her unless she herself had said something.

“Come Lord DeWinn, I photograph the insane and you are interested in criminal photography.” Dr. Melton said in an oily chuckle. “Truly those endeavors share a certain type of thinking if you will.”

“If you mean often distasteful then I agree in full Doctor.” Vaughn said as a tankard of ale was set before him.

“Ah distasteful yes, but oh so enlightening.” Dr. Melton said taking as sip from his own mug. “I made a few enquiries and it seems you’ve been frequenting the east end of late. Particularly Whitechapel if I’m not mistaken?

Eyeing the doctor with a purposefully blank face Vaughn replied, “you are not mistaken.”

“Good, good,” said the doctor, “then you’ve surely had a bit of experience in what I deal with at the asylum.”

“How is that?” Vaughn questioned.

“Let’s just say that my expertise is dealing with a certain type of woman,” the doctor leaned forward across the table. “It is my hope that by photographing them in certain instances of extreme upset that it can later be shown that their treatments have been beneficial with quantifiable photographic evidence.” The doctor sat back with a satisfied look.

“What sort of woman is that Dr. Melton,” Vaughn eyed the doctor warily. He did not like where this was going.

“Light skirts.” The doctor said bluntly, stroking his goatee,  a look of distaste on his face.

“In my journeys through Whitechapel I’ve found that “your women of a certain type” came to the profession because they had no other way of supporting themselves.” Vaughn said with censure.

The doctor smiled contritely “Oh you mistake me Lord DeWinn it is not simply that they are light skirts that makes them insane. It’s something entirely different. My focus just happens to be on this type of woman and what drives her from simply making a living on her back to needing institutionalization.”

Vaughn was growing impatient. He did not care for the way Dr. Melton thought about his patients. He had spent quite a bit of time of late in Whitechapel in particular and he had come to know some of the women Dr. Melton was referring to as “light skirts,” they were women to be pitied. There were very few ways for women to support themselves or a family if needs be even in this modern age. “I fail to see what help I can afford you Dr. Melton.”

“I have a proposition for you Lord DeWinn,” dr. Melton eyed him closely, “I need data to mark my progresses against.”Dr. Melton folded his hands across his middle, “ You see I only encounter these women once they have become a ward of the asylum. You’ve become chummy with some of the denizens and I’d like you to take me on a tour if you will.” Dr. Melton smiled cajolingly, “you also have perfected your photography in those locals as I have been confined souly to my studio at the hospital. I would greatly appreciate your expertise in photographing some of these women.”

Vaughn paused before answering considering, “and what do you offer in return?”

Dr. Melton put both hands palm down on the table leaning forward again. “A tour of the asylum and especially of my studio.”

This was indeed an interesting proposition Vaughn thought. As his interests mostly lie in the dark aspects of what photographing could do viewing dr. Melton’s invitation to tour the hospital opened up an aspect that was not previously open to Vaughn before. “I accept.” Vaughn said simply with a nod of his head.

“That is wonderful indeed.” Dr. Melton said with a wide smile. “I’ll be in touch and we can decide on a suitable time.” He rose to leave.

“Just one more thing,” Vaughn said before the Doctor could take his leave. “The woman you were with at the Royal Photographic society meeting,  I believe her name is Mrs. Lockley. Might you have her direction?”

Dr. Melton frowned in return. “Now see here Lord DeWinn,” he said jealousy evident. “What business would you have with the widow?”

“Widow?” Vaughn said on an intake of breath. Could it be she was no longer encumbered with a spouse he thought hopefully.

Dr. Melton hadn’t seemed to here him. With a huff he said, “I myself do not know Mrs. Lockley all that well I had just made her acquaintance that evening. I intend to grow that acquaintance  soon.”

Some instinct told Vaughn to fabricate, “We are old friends,” Vaughn said with an innocent smile. “Played together as children, she was like a sister to me,” he lied. “We lost touch in adulthood and she left the meeting before I could make my way over to her.”

“Hmm well, I have her direction in my office at home. I can bring it to you when we meet again.” With that the Doctor turned on his heal and left.

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Story board

A very interesting tip I found that sounded like it would help me a lot was a story board. This is probably not how it was meant to be done but this gave me a place to collect miscellaneous data and facts.  I think it will help me keep track of trying to describe my characters.

Some of the things I tossed in my virtual suite case to take on my writing trip were: clothing, places, maps and directions. I got a bit lazy while doing the web surfing. I pasted them in willy ninny as you will see. It is a very unorganized story board but like I said before I’m NOT an organized writer. Too much organizing makes writing a painful process and it WILL keep me from actually writing.

Now that my “outline” is done and I know who most of my characters are and they are ready to act, it’s time to cast their parts. This was fun (and yes I’m a huge CW fan can you tell?) it was like casting my own movie! Click below to see.

Story BoardStory Board


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