Fun With Cover Art

 I love book covers. I started reading romance in the 80’s when covers were all painted by hand by an artist. I was very very young when I started (wink wink) Before you say it … yes I know most people think they were cheesy and embarrassing to read on a bus. I can’t help it I liked them….just tell everyone I have bad taste if you don’t.

Anyway here are some that I’ve been having fun with. I enjoy making them even if I’m not a professional. I also didn’t like anything anyone had to offer and I don’t have a shit load of money to spend on a professional custom making them. Anyway

I needed to design a cover for a novella that I’m publishing and it’s a romantic fairytale theme. I knew the feel that I wanted but it took me a few tries. The winner is just below followed by the misses and just plain fun. I thought I’d share since I got crazy with some during my ‘alone time’ on Mother’s day and made my own versions of favorite authors.

Check out the gallery to see what I came up with.


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