Chapter 12 (b)

Boy when I blocked out this story it looked like each block would be a chapter. I’m finding that the level of detail this story involves each block is adding up to about 3 chapters. In other words what I thought was going to be a 12 chapter novella is probably going to be more like 20. I thought I’d be done by now but it looks like I’m only 3/4 of the way through. Slugging along. Keep telling myself “KEEP WRITING” … ok ok you don’t have to yell hehehe.

It was midweek just before dusk. It was a chilly fall evening and the coming winter could be felt on the air. Vaughn was still upstairs and Sylvie had gone out shopping taking Sissy with her.  Glorianna was in the cozy parlor catching up on correspondence when a knock sounded at the front door. Glorianna pulled her shawl closer around her shoulders wondering who could be out on the chilly doorstep and felt glad that it wasn’t she.

A moment later Knox announced from the doorway. “An Inspector Levinson here to see you Madam.”

Glorianna felt sudden panic. What could the Inspector want? He couldn’t know that she was hiding Vaughn here they’d been very careful and her servants were loyal. If she turned him away now would he become suspicious if he didn’t have reason to be already?

“Show him in Knox, and please bring refreshments of the robust variety. I’m sure the Inspector must be chilled to the bone today.”

Glorianna congratulated herself on seeming unaffected upon receiving the Inspector.  He would not get the best of her this time she thought with a cat like smile. The smile was apt for this would surely be a cat and mouse interaction if she wasn’t mistaken and this time she was going to be the cat.

“Ah Mrs. Lockley, a pleasure to see you again. Thank you for seeing me.” He gave her a mocking bow with a twinkle in his eye that hinted at what they had shared on their previous visit.

“I’m sure the pleasure will be mine Inspector,” Glorianna responded impishly. If flirtation was what he’d come for she would serve it with abundance. There was no need to raise any questions as to why she was suddenly cold and uninterested.

Glorianna admitted it was no hardship to flirt with the Inspector. Tall and lean with an insouciant way of carrying himself that just begged for a lady to toy in return.

“Won’t you sit down inspector?” Glorianna gestured to a plush velvet chair. She moved to take the matching one flanking the fireplace.  The configuration made for a cozy chat.

Knox returned with a tea tray with a carefully placed decanter of brandy holding pride of place. He arranged cups and saucers as if for a ladies tea returned to his station outside the room. Little did Glorianna know but that Knox would have company during his vigil.

“A lady after my own heart,” The Inspector said with a quirk to his plush lips. “Mam it was my impression that we’d moved beyond formal address,” The inspector leaned back casually crossing his long legs at the ankles angling them closer to the fire. “In fact, “he continued folding his hands over his taught middle, “I believe we’d moved to such causal regard to be almost unseemly.”

He regarded her with the feline grace of a hunter. One that’s known the scent of his prey and knows which bait works best to his advantage. It made Glorianna feel distinctly warm. His barley veiled words brought to mind all the naughty things he’d done to her last they’d met.


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