Chapter 12 (a)

Well I’ve been slugging away diligently on this story. I’ve made every effort to write at least 500 words a day. Most days I am just relieved when my word count reaches my goal. I don’t know why this has become so difficult. The words are no longer flowing and it’s a huge effort just to force out the requisite amount. I’ve read two books in a week and entered another short story writing contest. Nothing seems to help. I’ve spent hours web browsing on tips to keep up the motivation. The best advise I’ve found seems to be a universal one. “Just keep writing” so I am:)

Over then next few days Gloriannas household fell back into it’s old routine blending in the new addition of Lord DeWinn seamlessly. It seemed strangely natural for Vaughn to be in her household Glorianna thought. Glorianna felt the danger to herself if she allowed those feelings to grow.

In the mornings he joined them for breakfast where even Sissy seemed to have softened towards him, showing him the respect a man of the house would recive by bringing him the morning papers first. He wood Sylvie to his side reading out loud the antics and gossip of the ton. Glorrianna was sure should she ask her friend Sylvie would admit to clearly being in his corner when he subject came up of giving him a second chance.  Glorrianna made it a point not to ask her.

He retreated to his room during the day with a luncheon tray that cook took to him personally. Somehow after such a short time she knew all of his favorite foods already. There he’d peruse his photographic pamphlets and books and absorb himself thusly when callers were about.

In the evenings he could be counted on to add good conversation over dinner. When they retired to the warmth of their manly library he entertained with stories of his journeys into the back warrens of the east end where he had practiced his craft.  The room seemed to have been decorated with him in mind it fit him so well. Surely that couldn’t have been a subconscious decision on her part Glorianna thought. It irritated her that his memory would have infected even the decorating of her house.

It was when everyone retired for the evening that Glorrianna sat up late at night thinking of how close Vaughn was and how easy it would be to slip into his room and give in to all of her cravings. She had to fight with herself to remember that Vaughns presence here was only temporary. A situation caused by circumstance and not by desire. She also continued to struggle with Vaughns innocence.

It was true that he seemed more than he once was. Aside from the fact that he had grown from an over-tall gangly young man into a lean muscled man, his wide boney shoulders and torso gaining a padding of pure muscle that rounded out his clothing quite nicely. He was no longer a fickle, impulsive, self centered boy who laughed easily.

No matter how infatuated she had been with that boy she could see now that Vaughn had matured into a man in every sense of the word. He was not just physically harder. He was protective, thoughtful and resolute. The kind of man a woman could depend on, the kind of man that made a woman feel safe. She missed his easy laugh but the hard won chuckles he sometimes gave up were some how more meaningful, like a prize hard won.

However, it still remained to be seen if he was trustworthy. The pain of his long ago desertion still stabbed her heart late at night when the dream came upon her.  Could the young man she had known done such heinous things? She didn’t think so. Could the man he had become be a murderer? She wasn’t sure but she was finding that hard to believe.


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