Chapter 11 (c)

Glorrianna pushed on the unlocked door. Really the man was just too large she thought trying to move the door in spite of Vaughns body blocking it from the inside. “Stand away you oaf!” She said becoming more irritated with him by the moment. To think she had spared a moment of worry about him being angry!

Finally the door swung open to the view of a scowling Vaughn DeWinn. Oh the breath left her in a whoosh. Would she ever be able to set eyes on this man without the world tipping out from under her? He was so beautiful in a purely masculine way. He dominated the small room as she sidled inside shutting the door behind her. Really did she worry still about him escaping her?

“This is outside of rediculouse Glorianna,” Vaughn said his fists clenching at his sides.

“Ridiculous?” Glorianaa repeated her own heat rising. “What I find ridiculous is you steeling into my house in the dead of night and accosting me in my own bed!” She paced closer to him in her anger. Too late she realized her mistake. She could feel the tantalizing heat of his body seep into her own and from her diminutive height she had to crane her head back now just to look him in the eye, a distinct disadvantage in any argument.

Vaughn visibly calmed himself and said with restrained quiet. “I came to you for help. If it was a mistake please forgive me but I thought you might be willing to help.” He took a great breath into his lungs and Glorrianna could feel the front of his white linen shirt brush against her. She took a preserving step back.

At that moment the door swung open again and a grim faced Sissy entered with a tray. “Breakfast my Lord,” she said without expression as she set the tray down on the bureau, the only surface besides the bed in the tiny room.  She left just as quickly with a speaking look to Glorrianna. Glorianna  waved her away with impatience. This was no time for Sissy’s over-protectiveness. Really what did she think Vaughn would do?

Vaughn looked at the tray with longing and Glorianna huffed. Really could a man in this situation really consider food important? Apparently this one did as he sat on the bed with the tray across his knees. He really did look ridiculous. The bed was so small he had to stretch his legs out along the floor just so the tray could be held level on them. She fought back a mean giggle as she thought of the uncomfortable night he must have spent. It was nothing worse than he deserved she thought with a sniff.

Glorrianna began pacing the floor as he ate. Her nervous or was it angry, energy taking her back and forth across the small expanse. “Alright,” she said finally, “you came here for help. How pray tell can I possibly be of help to you Lord Dewinn?”


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