Chapter 11 (b)

A groggy sleep deprived Glorianna made her way to the breakfast room. She felt as if she had not slept at all last night. Her eyes were gritty and her head ached slightly. Wisps of last nights dreams still filtered through her foggy mind.

Never before had her dreams seemed so real and never before had they included aspects that were not based in girlhood pain. Vaughn had seemed so real to her last night. She could nearly remember his scent enveloping her as he leaned over her bed. Could you smell in dreams?  He had come to her room and pleaded with her for help but what she remembered most vividly was her desire to keep him with her at all costs.

Sylvie dressed in a cheery cream and raspberry stripped gown was already seated in the sunny room as Glorianna pulled up a seat and poured her tea. She looked altogether refreshed and ready to face the day. Glorianna thought irritably.

Knox placed a plate of coddled eggs and toast before her and her stomach churned at the sight. She sipped her tea instead. She looked up to find Sylvie studying her intently.

“Darling is there something you would like to share?” Sylvie asked with a raised brow and a cat in the cream smile.

“Whatever would that be?” Glorianna mumbled. She was not in the mood for Sylvie’s little games.

“Sweetheart you look like death warmed over this morning.” Silvie said with sudden sincerity once shed gotten a good look at her friend. “Did you sleep at all last night?”

Glorianna set down her cup, “honestly Sylvie I don’t know. I was having those dreams again.”

“Ah those dreams…” Silvie said as if implying something Glorianna was not catching onto.

Sylvie knew all about the bothersome dreams that Glorianna had not ever been able to shake, it was quite irritating when all she had ever wanted to do was forget him. For the life of her, she could not understand why Silvie was all of a sudden making light of it.

“Well I wasn’t talking about the dreams sweet. I was inquiring as to your late night visitor or were you not going to share? Honestly you can’t keep secrets of that sort in a household such as ours.”

Glorianna looked at her blankly; the bite of toast in her mouth turning to dust as a dawning thought began.

Sylvie watched the play of emotion cross her friends expressive face. “Oh honey did you think he was part of your dream?”

Glorianna forcefully swallowed her dry toast and followed it with a sip of tea to moisten her mouth in order to speak. “Sylvie did you see him too?” She said in a croak.

“Not I darling but Sissy is a light sleeper. She reported this morning that she had seen you slip from your room and lead a most magnificent man, my words not hers, from your room up to the attic. Her description of the man…hmmm what did she say…ah yes ‘a great giant of a man with longish dark hair and shoulders the width of a doorway’. That sounds amazingly like a description of Lord DeWinn I thought.”

“Oh god Sylvie I didn’t dream him then he was really here!” Then Glorianna remembered locking him in to that attic room. “Oh my, he must be furious.” Glorianna pushed back from the table to tear from the room heading straight for the stairs.” She could hear the sound of Sylvie’s laughter as she instructed Sissy to make up a tray for their guest.

She slowed her steps as she neared the room into which she had locked Vaughn. He would be furious she thought hands perspiring. But then what care did she if he was indeed furious. He had stood her up last night not to mention abandoning her as a love struck girl she thought. With that in mind, her back straightened and her renewed anger put a bit of spark back into her. She reached out a hand and unlocked the door from a set of keys kept in the hall bureau just as the pounding of large fists upon the door commenced.


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