Chapter 10 (c)

Caught in the dream she detested Glorrianna wept within the copes of trees at the the end of the lane of her childhood home. Why had he gone her dream self thought? She had come to their meeting spot again and again this last month and there had been no sign of Vaughn. She had read in the paper today an announcement of his marriage and her sobs became harder as she recalled the stunned feelings of betrayal. In her dream she was supine on the grass curled into herself in misery the sobs becoming painful in their intensity.

She awoke with a start. What had blessedly wakened her from this hatefully repeated dream? She searched the darkened room looking for any disturbance that might have disturbed her. At the side of the bed a great dark figure hovered over her and she sucked in a horrified breath ready to let loose a scream.

A  large hot hand came down over her mouth before she could let it out. Her breath stuck in her lungs. Her eyes huge in her frightened face until a familiar if unwanted voice began to sooth her. Could she still be dreaming? Never in the dream had he come back to her. Why was he here now, in this new addition, to torment her in her sleep?

“Shh Glory, it’s me,” Vaughn said quietly.

She could not speak around the hand still covering her mouth so she thrashed her head back and forth in fear.

“Glory I have no where else to go, please if I take my hand away will you hush?”

Glorianna was instantly intrigued by this new aspect of her dream. Perhaps now there would be some explanation from him. With a slight nod she quieted and the specter took away his hand only to run it carressingly through her unbound locks. A caress so real and warm she could almost believe this was not a dream.

“I’m being framed Glory. Now is not the time to explain in full. But I’ve come to beg a favor I have no right in asking.

He sat at her bedside his great weight dipping the mattress causing her to roll  closer to him. Never in any dream had she felt his warmth so profoundly.

“I need a place to stay for a bit. There is know one else in London I trust. Please Glory I need you to pay attention,” he said as her fingers began to slide up his arm in wonder.

Her questing fingers were throwing him off balance. He held her hands immobile. Is there a place I can stay here?

Her dream lover wanted to stay with her? This did not make sense her muttled brain argued. Always he had abandoned her. Now he wanted to stay? This made no sense. However, if she had a way to keep him this time she would. This time he would stay.

She swung her legs off the side of the bed and took her lovers hand. So warm and big she thought. She led him up the servants stairs to a small room in the attic. It had once been used to house servants that they did not need.


Glorianna gestured him to follow her into the room. It held a single bed and a chest of drawers with a pine aware at the side. He followed her in looking around and the sparse accommodations but he was hardly in a place to complain.

As if in a dream Glorrianna stretched from her tiny height and clasped his neck to bring his mouth to hers as she used to so many years ago. The kiss she imparted was both sweet and confusing. She had not uttered a word since they left her room, “Stay,” was all she said now.

She turned and left the room and when the door closed Vaughn heard the unmistakable snick of a lock being turned from the outside.


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