Chapter 10 (b)

On the night of the exhibition Glorianna paced in the front parlor awaiting her escort.  She was dressed in one of Sylvies gowns and while she admired the azure color that enhanced her eyes spectacularly she could not help but be uncomfortable with the scandalously low neckline.  She would never have purchased such a thing for herself and that was the reason for lend. Sylvie had dismissed each of her gowns as too demure.

“Darling quite your pacing you are making me utterly dizzy watching you.”

“Sylvie I cannot believe I agreed to let you dress me tonight!”

“But sweetheart you look utterly dashing and Sissy did wonders with your hair.”

It was true, Sissy was quite talented dressing hair. She didn’t want to wonder how considering. Sissy had expertly swept it up into a stylish rumple and let the ends of her silvery curls cascade down her back past her shoulders. It was a decidedly provocative style.

“Here,” Sylvie said coming to her, “have a tot of brandy. It will do wonders to steady your nerves.”

“Sylvie, liquor is not the answer to all,” she said even while taking the cut crystal and downing the contents in one swift swallow.

Sylvie chuckled, “there now that should warm you sufficiently.”

“Where could he be Sylvie? It’s almost an hour past the time he had said he would call. I can’t imagine him to be so late. He was always such a prompt individual.”

“He was prompt eighteen years ago lovey,” Sylvie said sipping her own brandy, “you are dealing with an entirely different man now.”

“Could he really be so different? Is that a good thing or a bad thing do you think?”

“Well good in that it would be a different man than the one that left you high and dry,” her pixie brow furrowed, “bad in that you do not know at all what to expect of him.”


The clock chimed the hour of ten. Vaughn was now more than two hours late and Glorianna had to admit to herself that he was not coming. Perhaps he had not changed at all she thought. He had yet again left her with expectations that would fall short.

Sylvie had remained with her during the irritating wait. “Well I am done!” Glorrianna said emphatically. He obviously had second thoughts about escorting me. I wonder if he showed up at the exhibition at all for that mater.”

“You don’t know dearest, something could have detained him. Why don’t we retire? A good nights sleep with put everything right. “

With a sigh of resignation Glorrianna agreed, “lead the way.”

The two women made their way above  and parted at the top of the stairs. Sylvie gave Glorianna a kiss on the cheek and they parted ways to their perspective rooms.


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