chapter 9 (c)

The cab rolled up to her address in Brook Street. The gas lanterns cast a looming shadow in the ever growing fog that would soon encompass the city in a shroud.

The step of the cab was lowered and Clive stepped out onto the walk infront of her townhouse. She ook the hand Clive proffered and looked up at him as she gained the walk a moment behind.  She looked up at the facade of her house. So welcoming in the nearing darkness, gas lights flickering from behind the thick brocade draperies. The fire within would warm her clammy nerves.

“Let us make haste Inspector,” Glorrianna said nervously, “the chill of the city is upon us.”

With that Glorianna made her way quickly up the steps. The door was promptly opened by the ever present Sissy. Glorrianna would not spare a moment of this strange night wondering why Sylvies ladies maid was answering the door instead of Knox. She would certainly not question why she felt safer with Sissy at the door than Knox.

“Sissy we will adjourn to the rear parlor. Please have refreshments served there,” Glorianna said with as much composure as she could muster.

“This way Inspector,” She led the way to the private parlor at the back of the house. This was not a time for formalities, the more comfortable the better, Glorianna thought.

Her favorite room was already set with a crackling fire chasing away the chill of the encroaching evening.

Glorianna made herself comfortable on her favorite overstuffed settee. She motioned the inspector to the the chair across from her.  He ignored her suggestion and insinuated himself on the settee next to her, so close that their thighs brushed against each other, Glorianna squirmed in carnal  acknowledgement. At that moment Sissy entered with a tea tray accompanied by a much desired bottle of brandy.

“Thank you Sissy that will be all,” Glorianna said in her most respectable tone.

Sissy frowned and humphed as she turned shutting the door just short of a click.

“Shall I poor inspector?” Glorianna asked.

“As long as you are poring that brandy please do,” he said with a charming dimple showing in his unshaven cheek.

She yearned to stroke that rough cheek. To feel the contours of his masculine face benieth her fingers. She imagined herself reaching over and undoing his tie, the silken strands slipping through her fingers. Then she realized she was not just thinking those things but doing. The remains of his tie dropping from her nerveless fingers. Oh she was evil ended she thought.

Clive caught her fingers as she began to undo the front of his shirt. “Is this what you want Glorianna?”

She had not expected him to question her actions. He was more aware of what was going on than she was apparently. She was acting on impulse. He was still in fully cognizant of everything going on around him. How unshakable he was she thought.


Clive wrapped his collapsed hand around the delicate china cup that was filled to the brim with brandy, his tea of choice if truth be known.

The lady was primed he could tell and he was pleased. He knew in his gut that Lord DeWinn had prior claim and he would not even think of the vile Dr. Tesh. Yet he wanted her. That was the plain and unvarnished truth. He still intended to question her but the questions could hold a moment or two or three for that matter he thought indulgently. He needed answers, but he intended to have his fun first.

Quite obviously the widow Lockley intended to have her fun as well and he was not about to dissuade her from that goal. He was a man after all. A man with needs he reminded himself. He reminded himself ruthlessly that he could also use her needs to his advantage. Looking her squarely in the eye he began a merciless seduction.

“Glorianna,” he said in the quietest of voices almost questioningly.

She could not utter a word. Not to answer his unspoken question. Not to make small talk she was utterly with out words.

His hand delved benieth her fashionably narrow skirts, traveling up her thigh. His calloused fingers making contact with her bare skin at the slit between her drawers.

Oh this Is what I want Glorianna thought as she gave herself up to Clive’s seduction. To forget, to experience, to replace thoughts she should forget. Yet the imagine of vaughn intruded. She pushed them ruthlessly  aside concentrating on the feelings Clive was invoking. She wanted Inspector Levenson she reminded herself…Clive…she corrected in her mind.

“Oh yes,” she murmured.

“Is this what you want lovely?” he said kissing up the side of her sweetly turned neck, a finger delving into her wetness.

“yes, yes,”

“Do you want more love?” he asked in a husked voice.

“more,” was all she could say.

“ahh so sweet, so hot, so wet for me,” Clive murmured. “open for me love.”

She could do nothing but comply. The sweet extacy of what he was doing with his fingers defied all coherent thinking.

Suddenly he covered her on the settee. No longer were they sitting side by side. No longer were they in a polite embrace. She was prone on the couch he sitting at her feet skirts drawn up. Realization started to set in but he calmed her with a kiss at her knee.

“shhh love, it’s just us,” and is lips began to travel from her knee to the slit in her drawers. Oh how she wished at this point that she had been one of those evolved women that eshued undergarments. How much better it would feel if Clive had full access to her most personal parts. And then his mouth was there and she couldn’t think.

Clive was doing things with his tongue she had only dreamed of in her most depraved of fantasies. He tongued her nub and she shuddered with feeling. His wet mouth covering her most intimate of places. Oh this is what I need Glorianna thought in disjointed imaginings.

She was swept up in erotic feeling. Severed from her regular boring person. Injected forcefully into a world of bliss so strong it shook her to her core.

As the volcanic eruption inside her subsided she became aware of Clive hovering over her. His intense face one of obvious need. In a haze she allowed him to part her thighs and insert himself between them. He pulled her stays beneath her spare breasts.

“Ah love, you have lovely breasts,” he murmured lowering his head to suckle her exposed nipples. “So sweet, like peaches,” he said between licks.

“They are too small,” she said in wonder.

“mmm not too small just right for you love,” and he licked them again. One long tonging from under her left breast to her nipple and there he hovered. Breathing lightly upon the nub. Heightening the expectation before he sucked it into is mouth in a powerful draw.

Clive positioned himself over her,he had discarded his trousers, nothing lay between them. He took one hand and guided himself into her. God so tight, so wet, he thought as he pushed himself further inside. It was like heaven being inside Glorianna he thought. She smelled like spring time and felt like clouds bursting with rain. I’ve become a damed poet he thought disparingly.

They came together with long drawn out thrusts. He slided against her walls over and over. The feeling was sublime. He could loose himself in this woman he thought. Panting wih the aftermath of their joining he paused, damned if he would he thought. With an economy of movement he forced himself to disengage in what could surely drag him under if he stayed another minute. He had a damned job to do and no matter what the cause he should not be sidetracked by a beautiful woman, no matter that her scent and disheveled appearance made him want to forget any professional interest he had in her. He looked at her hurt and questioning eyes and began to again forget his professional perspective. No. He thought a prime pair of thigh and a sweet smile would not get the best of him,” Glorrianna,” he approached quietly.

“oh just get it over with,” Glorrianna said on a sigh as she began to right herself.

“What do you know of Lord deWinns and Dr. Tesh’s whereabouts on the night of  8 September?”a

“That was the night Annie Chapman died?”

“Yes,” the indpector said as he pored himself another cup of brandy.

“I cannot say clive ,” she used his name shyly. “I saw them both briefly but not at an hour that would give either an alibi, if that is what you really want to know.”

“Thank you for being truthful. I’ll admit that I needed to question you on this matter but please please do not interpret that my desire for you stemmed from such. You are a lovely woman and you will be my lovely in my mind. If you ever have need of me I will be but a message away.

With that he kissed the tender inside of Glorianna’s wrist and made his way toward the door. “It’s fine Sissy I’ll see my way out,” she could hear him say.


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