chapter 9 (b)

This is what I mean by my characters taking the bull by the horns. My “outline/block” was simply that Inspector Levinson question Glorianna. He is supposed to use his mojo to get answers regarding Lord DeWinn. We ended up with a Bond street meeting, followed by a steamy carriage ride and ends up in her parlor under compromising circumstances. AND he still hasn’t questioned her! Ah well let the love scene roll I’m sure he’ll get to it eventually;)

Chapter 9

“Don’t look now sweetie but I think that is oh so yummy Inspector Levinson on the corner outside,” said Sylvie with a sly look on her piquant face.

“Where?” Glorianna said in a breathless tone, craning her neck to see out the window Sylvie was standing in front of. Then she saw him. He was an impressive man. Tall, loose limed and with full lips. He was quite an attractive specimen and she had not quite yet stricken him from her list of would be lovers.

Unfortunately they moved in different circles and she had not had the opportunity to become better acquainted with him. She would take the opportunity now she thought squaring her shoulders. Vaughn…Lord DeWinn, she corrected herself, did not own her and one confrontation between the two of them no matter how heated would not deter her from her quest. Wasn’t part of the quest for a lover a way to forget that man she thought?

Glorianna stepped out of the dress makes shop with an artificially insouciant air. Inspector Levenson turned from an equally fake perusal of the milliners shop window next door.  He doffed his hat. “Mrs. Lockley?” he questioned.

“Oh let us not stand on formalities inspector, please call me Glorianna,” she said with a coy smile. She was not sure of her flirtatiousness but it was worth giving it her best she thought.

The inspector smiled. “Ah Glorrianna, such a glorious name for such a lovely woman.”

Glorianna dimpled she was not immune to flattery it seemed, “what brings you to Bond Street Inspector?”

“If I am to be so favored with your familiarity Glorrianna I insist that you call me Clive,” said the inspector.

“It would be a distinct pleasure Clive,” she let the name roll seductively off her tongue. At least she thought it was her closest approximation of seductive Glorrianna thought with an inward cringe. “Now really…Clive what brings you here. Surely you cannot be shopping for a new chapeau,” Glorrianna nodded towards the milliners shop, a playful smile on her face.

“You’ve caught me out Glorianna,” Clive said chuckling. She noticed the small cleft in his full lower lip and wondered what those lips would feel like on hers. Oh she was such a tart she thought.

“Nefarious milliners business no doubt. Top secret and all that?” She laughed engagingly.

“No doubt,” he smiled in return, “actually I do have a legitament reason for seeking you out.”

“Since when is flirting legitament?” Glorianna asked groaning inwardly ye gad what a failure at flirtation she was.

“I think this conversation would be better held in a more private locale,” said clive.

“My thoughts exactly,” Glorrianna said with a secret smile.

Clive hailed a hansom cab and they were soon on their way to her Brook Street town house.


In the confines of the small cabriolet, Glorianna ignored her natural inclination to lean away from the gorgeous Clive Levinson. He seemed to understand her discomfiture for he said with a lopsided smile, “and here we are beautiful Glorianna.”

“Yes here we are,” she replied with a soft but giddy laugh.

“Are you going to tell me why you’ve plunged us in such an obviously compromising position?”

Glorrianna sat a bit straighter, she was the  author of her future. She would not be discomposed by the mear presence of a handsome man. “La! Inspector. It was simple expedience that put us in this cab together. Nothing more. Nothing less,” she hoped she sounded as convincing for she was trembling inside.

the tock of big ben could be heard from the confines of the cab. one strike two, three, four, five, Glorrianna noted. It would be dark soon and already the fog was encapsulating the city.

“Come now Glorianna,” Clive said insinuating a knee between her skirted legs. “It is much more than expedience that has placed us here,” he moved that leg in sultry time with the horses steps. He was not beyond using what tools were available to him to extract information. In this case it would be no trial at all.

“Alright Clive, pax,” Glorianna said on an exhalation of breath.

“ah now we get to the truth,” clive said in a sultry tone, his full sensuous lips spreading in a slight smile.

“please inspector…“

“ah ah ah Clive,” he reminded her, his knee putting more pressure on that spot that left her breathless.

Oh was she so depraved Glorrianna thought. That she could be lusting after one man and still so in love with another? But this was not supposed to be about love Gloriianna reminded herself this was supposed to be about sexual gratification and the oblivion that promised.


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