chapter 9 (a)

Well I am back at it with much more enthusiasm thanks to my contest win:) This story is taking on a life of it’s own. It’s becoming much more of a “who dun it/erotic romance” than I had planned it to be. My first thought was that it would be another 20,000-30,000 word novella approximately 12 chapters. The story is not cooperating. I’m up to 12,000 plus words and there is so much more to explore. What I thought was the diddling middle is really a 3 part diddle. Not to mention that I have not written any of the ‘love’ scenes. I’ve added a character, the cross dressing maid Sissy, oh she/he is fun and a whole nother story. I’ve changed the name of the slick Dr. Melton to Dr. Tesh (I was never keen on Melton, I just picked it out of a hat) you’ll find out why in a chapter or two…ohhh such a mystery hehe

chapter 9

Extra Extra read it hear! Two more Whitechapel horrors. When will the murderer be captured?Read it hear first!

Sylvie was sitting in the small breakfast room nibbling on a piece of toast.

“Good morning dearest,” she said looking up from the paper she had been reading. “Dreadful news this morning.”

“Do tell,” Glorianna said helping herself to tea.

“Those awful murders taking place in the east end. Those poor women, “she shivered,”I cannot imagine the terror the community must feel out there. It makes me afraid even though the madman has not reached his hand into any of the respectable neighborhoods.”

“Sylvie you know that the majority of whitechaple and the surrounds are quite respectable.  Of course there are pockets of danger but look no further than Marleybone to see that.”

“Oh quite quite, I suppose I did not word that statement correctly , you know I’m not so much a snob or finger pointer for all that.”

Glorrianna had only to see Sissy to know that she thought with an inward chuckle. Did Sylvie really not realize that she was employing a man as a ladies maid? However, it was not her place to meddle in Sylvies private business if she did not wish to share it. She just hoped her friend was not so naively stupid and there was some other explaination for Sissy.

Glorianna opened the invitation that had been laid next to her. She fingered the envelope somewhat trepidations to open it. She recognized the hand writing even if she hadn’t seen it for eighteen years.

“Well darling are you going to open it?” Sylvie said with obvious anticipation.

“It’s another invitation,” Glorrianna said softly not looking at Sylvie.

“Sweetest do not keep me on pins!”

“It’s from Lord DeWinn,” Glorianna said looking up to judge her friends reaction.

“hmm to what?” Sylvie said drolly, a secretive smile on her petite face.

Glorianna smiled slyly in return. Her friend would stop at nothing in her matchmaking even if it was to promote a swain that was a self imposed ‘off limits’ candidate.

“Keep your petticoats from bunching,” Glorriana laughed. Oh it felt good to laugh at the situation, “Lord DeWinn has invited me to a photographic exhibition nothing more.”

“Well I shall be your escort dearest,” Sylvie said in her starchiest tone, “far be it for me to let you attend unchaperoned.”

“I’m a widow Sylvie.”

“Ah yes but a widow in search of a lover…”


“Oh don’t ‘Sylvie me’ I know what you are up to. I saw the way that man devoured you with his eyes. And don’t believe for one moment that I did not see you eat him up in return. Correct me if I’m wrong but he is a widower same as you now no?

“Oh Sylvie don’t start. It’s much too complicated for such a simple occurrence to make such a difference.”

“Well my peach I think it makes all the difference in the world. You are both now free. I would not be apposed to the two of you acting on it. I will be the soul of discretion.”

“I’m sure you will,” Glorrianna said with resignation. It seemed they would be attending the exhibition after all.

“I believe a shopping expedition is in order,” enthused Sylvie, “It’s been ages since we visited Madam Veroux’s.”

Glorianna did not want to quash her friends enthusiasm even if she did have serious reservations about accepting Vaughn’s reservation. It was so hard thinking of him as Lord DeWinn when he had always been ‘Vaughn’ in her mind. However, she must try to maintain some distance and it began with the way she thought of him. She could not so easily succumb to him. It was unthinkable. But oh how lovely his kisses had been.

“A shopping trip it is then,” Glorrianna smiled with forced gusto.


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