I Won I Won

As I told you yesterday I took a brief (very brief) break in writing this story. I’ve read that taking breaks can be helpful and this tip surely was. I entered a flash fiction contest. The rules were the story must contain 500 – 900 words and must include a sex scene. Below is my winning entry:) I’ll be enthusiastically returning to the next regular chapter tomorrow.

The boy next door contest winner
He was her new neighbor. It was more than he could have expected for the girl next door to notice him in classes last term. It was painful to watch her leave for her summer job each morning. A sweet ponytail swinging with the sway of her hips.

He had taken to leaving her notes in her mailbox each afternoon. “Don’t wear panties today.” his first note read. He watched her leave for work the following morning, wearing a skirt. He wondered if she had followed his instructions. He fisted his erection imagining the unprotected lips of her sex moistening with the friction of each step.

“Do not wear a bra or panties.” read the next note. Again he watched her leave wearing another skirt and a camisole concealed by a blazer. He could not tell from his window if she had followed his instructions but he imagined that she had. He pumped his cock thinking of her small unbound breasts jiggling and available to his unfettered touch. Her pointed nipples inviting his lips.
A third note in her mail box read, “No panties or bra. Leave your hair down.” She panted at the thought. She could only guess who had been leaving her these notes. She couldn’t help being titillated by the thought of the sexy boy next door leaving them. She complied because of that hope.

She left that morning without her undergarments. It felt so naughty and illicit to be without that barrier. Her nipples brushing against her top was a constant reminder of the erotic pleasure she felt thinking of him. She’d been sure to comply to each demand, would he notice?

She hoped he knew she was following instructions. Would he continue this odd seduction? She hoped he would finally approach her. He was incredibly striking. Not handsome in a classical sense, overly tall and intimidatingly muscular with an arrestingly masculine visage. She had imagined more than once a look of ecstasy upon that face as he worked above her prone figure.
He watched from his window excitement gripping him. She bounced down her front steps, hair flowing free. She was following his instructions he thought, a groan of frustrated sexual desire escaping.

When she arrived home he was sitting on her doorstep. She stepped from her car and he rose, his height impressive, “hello there,” he greeted, a slanting smile on his full lips.

“Hello yourself,” she said with a shy smile. She nervously pushed her hair behind her ears.

“Invite me in,” he said in a soft but commanding tone.

She answered by brushing past him up the steps, the smell of her, vanilla and spice, reaching him in a rush of desire. She unlocked the door, pausing to let him enter. She closed the door behind him and leaned against it eyes cast down demurely.
“Remove your clothes, I want to see you,” he said crowding her against the door. He stood so close she could feel the heat pulsing off his large body.
She watched his eyes devour her as she began to undress. She felt pleasure low in her belly to see the admiration in his dark gaze. This was so different from the usual dating encounters she’d had. She didn’t have to think about what to do, how to please him. He simply told her. It was a thrill to watch his eyes heat as she removed each item of clothing. It was freeing.

Without undergarments she didn’t have much to remove and soon stood before him nude, nipples pebbling with excitement. He was still fully clothed and it added another layer of erotic mystery to the encounter.

After a lengthy look up and down her body with his sensual eyes he spun her around. It was a shock to realize they were still at the door. He placed her hands firmly above her head, hands flat against the door. “Stay here,” he said in a lust roughened voice.

She trembled with sexual excitement. Her breaths coming in pants. He insinuated a knee between her thighs, inexorably pushing them apart. His fingers on her sex were a shock making her body pulse and tremble. She jumped in surprise.

“Don’t move,” he breathed in her ear.
Unbelievably he had her where he’d always wanted her. The pleasure of seeing her naked body available and ready was more than he could bare. This first time would be unfortunately quick. He promised himself he would make it up to her.

With one hand low on her back, just above her beautiful buttock he unzipped himself. He guided his cock into her weeping passage. She gasped as his length imbedded in her tight, wet, channel. Oh so good was his only thought. He pumped with long sure strokes. Faster. Stronger.

She was soon convulsing around him. Her tight heat taking him with her. With a thick arm about her slender waist he held her steady and found his own release.
It was like a million stars crashing down around them. Holding her close, he thought possessively, she is mine now. Nobody else’s.

He turned her around gently and kissed her slowly, tongue gliding smoothly. Their first kiss


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