Chapter 8 (a)

I still have the diddle middle blues. I’m literally forcing myself to write just to have something to post on this blog. This was partially the purpose of this blog so I guess it was a good thing to do if I want to power on through this first draft. I did join a writing group that is really fun fan story . It’s a bit addicting like, mafia wars, sims etc… the more you critique other writers the higher you can promote your own writing on the board. The higher your writing is on the board the more people will critique your writing. I’ve been getting some really valuable feed back.
Chapter 8
Vaughn walked with purpose to the neat little town house on the corner lot of Brook Street. The day was unusually pleasant for London but his thoughts were not. He tried to gather them as his long legs ate up the ground and brought him inexorably closer. Would she even deign to see him he thought?
Almost upon the steps, he spied an angry looking Dr. Melton taking his leave of the residence in question. He wore an angry scowl upon his handsome face as he placed his hat upon his scrupulously pomaded blond head.
Vaughn decided he would put a stop to the doctor’s attentions to Glorianna right here and now. It was for her own good he reasoned. There was something off about the doctor. It was more than a feeling now. Thoughts of yesterday’s murder circled his head. She might not like it but she had to be warned.

The doctor was now down the front steps and making his way determinedly to a waiting hansom.

“Ho there!” Vaughn called out to him.
The doctor spun in agitation. He clearly did not want to be bothered at this moment. “Good day to you Lord DeWinn. I see you are putting the information I gave you to quick use,” he said with a scowl.
“I’d like a word if I might,” Vaughn said in a deceptively calm voice.
“I really haven’t the time for a tet-a-tet right now Lord DeWinn,” The doctor cast a dark look toward the house he had just left. “Perhaps another time.”
“No, not another time doctor. We will discuss this now,” Vaughn said looking down at Dr. Melton. He knew his height and breadth sometimes intimidated, he would usually be bothered by that fact, however now he used it to his advantage.
“I don’t want you calling on Mrs. Lockley again sir.”
“What rights have you to tell me what I can or cannot do my lord? I doubt very highly that the widow would like having a watchdog. She seems very capable of putting people off herself.”
Vaughn wondered what had just occurred between the two but went on “Right now I don’t care whether Glorianna likes it or not. What I do care about is her safety. I’m warning you now doctor that if you do not desist your attentions I will be forced to act.”
Dr. Melton narrowed his eyes, “are you threatening me with something my lord?”
“Indeed I am,” Vaughn, said darkly, “it may have come to your attention that another murder was committed. However, you may not know that the victim has been identified.”
“Yes I read about that, nasty business,” the doctor stroked his goatee, “yet I still fail to see what a threat that is to me.”
“The victim was identified as Dark Annie.”
“Dark Annie…?” the doctor said as if the name meant nothing to him.
“Come now Dr. Melton, your memory cannot be so faulty. Surly in such a short time you still remember me introducing her to you just the other day.
“Ah, Annie. The whore is dead you say? Well that is unfortunate.”
“It would be more unfortunate doctor if I shared with the intrepid inspector Levinson just how closely her fatal wounds resembled those of the autopsy I saw conducted by you at the hospital.”
“Hm, I see that I was mistaken in what I thought was a mutual respect my lord. If what you are doing is accusing me of being the vile bastard that has been terrorizing the east end of late, I am clearly wrong. I would also remind you that you met with Annie same as I. You are a much more familiar sight in those environs than I am in fact. I wonder where you were that morning I might ask?”
A dark look entered Vaughn’s eyes, “I didn’t say the murder took place in the morning.”
Dr. Melton looked uncomfortable, “I read the newspapers! Never the less it’s nothing to do with me so if you don’t mind,” he indicated his cab, “I must be going. I’ll thank you to keep your unfounded speculations to yourself.”
With a huff, the doctor turned and entered his cab. He suddenly leaned back out saying to Vaughn with an ugly sneer on his otherwise attractive face, his temper clearly in evidence, “By the way Lord DeWinn, you might tell that bloody little bitch yonder, “he said with a wave of his arm towards Glorianna’s townhouse, “that she aught to watch her tongue, or somebody will end up watching it for her.”
Vaughn watched the cab roll away a dark feeling blooming in his breast. The papers had not known the time of death at the time of publication. Therefore could not have reported it and by confronting the doctor he may have just made a bad situation worse for Glorianna.


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