Chapter 7 (I think)

I’ve read that a lot of writers like to listen to music while they write. I tried it out with this latest bit of writing and it does not work for me. Music makes me want to move, no matter what kind,  not sit and type. So this was a failed experiment. Live and learn.

In this next installment I had to do a bit of rearranging of my “outline”. Very little changed, however with the way the story was unfolding some of the characters needed to do certain things before they were called for in the original sequence. If you notice below I “blocked” a portion of the story instead of actually writing it. It has a very involved sex scene. I like to add my sex scenes later. I have to be in the mood to write them and sometimes I have a headache…not tonight dear…hehe. (More on blocking here, apparently I’ve been using it and didn’t even know it!)

The young handsome radical doctor has invited Glorianna to dinner at a hotel. she knows the doctor is attracted to her but Glorianna is worried that she can’t “do it” with the doctor without love and Silvie offers her a concoction. She feels extra sexy and tries out her wiles in a room upstairs. There are things about the doctor that don’t sit right with Glorianna and after a night of shocking sexual surprises thinks twice about continuing the liaison. He’s way too serious and possessive for someone she barley knew (sex scene)

Diddling Middle Chapter 7 (I think)

Get it Here! Get it Hear! Murderer strikes again in the East End! Read all about it!

Vaughn’s breakfast was disturbed by an incessant beating on the front door. He set his paper down motioning to his man, “Don’t bother Harold I’ll see to this myself.”

He opened the door to his quarters to an impatient Inspector Levinson. “Lord DeWinn, pardon the intrusion but I have need of your help,” he said without preamble.

Vaughn gestured the inspector in, “would you like some coffee inspector?”

“Unfortunately I haven’t the time for such. I’m not sure if you’ve heard but there has been another murder in the east end. The reporters have already been on the scene and are creating quite the panic.”

“I’ll be what help I can,” Vaughn replied calmly.

“I need you to photograph the scene my lord. It is becoming quite the sensation. I believe this is a  repeat killing, very similar to that we found last week.”

“The one we discussed at the Photographic society meeting?”

“The very same. The crime scene is becoming disturbed. I want the details noted as only a picture can so that it can be studied. Notes alone are not going to be enough.”

“Let me gather my equipment and I can be ready straight away.”

“Harold,” Procure a cab for the the inspector and myself, we will be there shortly Vaughn barked.

Vaughn collected his portable camera and a tripod. He also included a few magnesium ribbons as the light may well be dim in the back streets of the East End even in full day as he had found on previous excursions.

When Vaughn and the inspector arrived at the scene it was boarding on mayhem. The inspector had not exaggerated.

“Lord Vaughn, this is Dr. George Bagley. He has been making an assessment of victim.”

“Lord Vaughn,” Dr. Bagley nodded his head gravely.

Vaughn acknowledged the doctor and began taking in the scene fully. He tried to be dispassionate as he looked for best angles and lighting. The victims left arm was placed across her left breast and her legs had been drawn up, knees turned outward. The body was terribly mutilated, the head severed lying about a foot away. Vaughn fought the urge to vomit.

“What do you have for us doctor?” Inquired Inspector Levinson.

“Well,” the doctor began in a clinical fashion circling the body as he spoke, “the time of death was about 5:30 this morning as best I can estimate maybe later. The instrument used at the throat and abdomen appear to have been the same. My opinion is that the murder weapon must have been a very sharp knife with a thin narrow blade. Probably six to eight inches in length maybe longer.”

The Doctor removed his hat smoothing the thinning hair and replaced his hat and continued in a contemplative tone, “The uterus and upper portion of the vagina plus the posterior two thirds of the bladder have been entirely removed..”

Inspector Levinson interrupted, “Have we located the missing parts?”

“Your deputies have found nothing since your departure sir. They seem to have disappeared with the murderer.”

Vaughn fought down another round of nausea and if he wasn’t mistaken had seen a slight shudder rack the seemingly unflappable inspector.

“I don’t want to cause undo alarm inspector,” said the doctor, “but the work was that of an expert. One who had such knowledge of anatomical or pathological examinations as to be enabled to secure the pelvic organs with one sweep of the knife.”

“A physician you mean?” asked Levinson

At that Vaughn looked up in surprise. The victim and the way her body had been laid open as if for examination, triggered an image of the autopsy he had glimpsed at Dr. Melton’s hospital.

“Has anything been moved inspector?” Vaughn asked.

“I don’t believe so…Doctor?”

“The body and near surrounding has not been touched by other than myself to my knowledge,” replied the doctor.

“So nothing needs to be re-staged? If you don’t mind stepping away inspector I believe I can begin photographing the scene then.

“Please,” the inspector indicated with a sweep of his hand. “I’ll be questioning Mr. Davies who found the victim in question. She has not been identified yet. I’ll be just over there if you need anything.”

Vaughn began photographing. Snapping pictures in as many angles as he could light clearly. He moved to the victims severed head and froze nearly loosing his battle to vomit. “Inspector!”

Inspector Levinson jogged back over. Vaughn pointed to the swollen face with the tongue protruding through the front teeth. Even in this gory version Vaughn could not help but recognize it. “I think I can identify the victim inspector. “Her name is…was,” he corrected, “Dark Annie.”

“You’re sure?” Levinson asked.

“Positive, I spoke to her just last evening.”

“Do you remember where and when?”

“Certainly it was about five o’cock just outside the Stratford on Dorset Street. Annie was a regular at that location.”

“If I might inquire my lord what was you’re business with the woman?” Levinson was always careful when questioning the aristocracy. He had to remind himself that they did not see him as an equal. Push too hard and he could be shut out. However, Lord DeWinn hadn’t seemed to fit this sterio type and Levinson felt comfortable asking.

“At his request, I introduced her to Dr. Melton.” The words hung in the silence that followed.


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