Diddling middle

Well I’m not quite sure where I am chapter wise at this point. I’m following my “outline” but my characters are not cooperating. (yes I’m blaming them.) this is where I always get stuck. I have my beginning and I know where I want it to all end but I can’t help getting bogged down in the middle. It’s exasperating. Everything that I read about a “sagging” middle is so wordy that it drives me nuts. I did find this (below) on the web in reference to the middle of a novel and found it inspired me a bit plus made me chuckle…always a good thing:)

“Plot development is about being mean to your central character. And this is the place to kick them harder than ever.Despite all the setbacks they have suffered along the way, your central character now believes they are on the very cusp of victory, or of seizing the prize they have had their eyes on all this time.But they are wrong.Something terrible happens and they hit rock bottom. Their hopes of achieving their overall goal (the one they came up with right at the start of the novel) seem as good as dead.” http://www.novel-writing-help.com/plotting-the-novel.html

Diddling Middle

Glorianna and Sylvie sat at the breakfast table alternately eating and perusing mail and the papers. It was a favorite time of day for Glorianna. She loved their breakfast room, again done in light feminine colors of greys and blues. Silver damask wall paper was one of her favorite touches in the room .The table was not a grand affair but cozy and welcoming each morning. It had  view of the tiny garden at the side of the house off the street and late blooming roses could be seen.

Glorianna was staring at the elegant scrawl on a cream  velum card.

“What have you there dearest?” Sylvie asked taking a delicate bite of her scone liberally slathered with preserves.

“It’s an invitation from Dr. Melton,” Glorianna murmured.

“An invitation! Well that is grand!” she took a sip of sugared tea and went on, “He must be as interested in you as you were in him the other night.”

“Do you think so Sylvie?” Glorianna asked looking up with a questioning look at her friend.

Sylvie beamed, “but off course darling! Why else would he have sent an invitation so soon?”

Glorianna sipped her own black tea, “I don’t know Sylvie…”

“Nonsense!” Sylvie silenced her. “What does it say?”

“He wants to take me to dinner tomorrow night at the Claridge Hotel .” Glorianna said.

Sylvie said excitedly, “Oh that is wonderful Glorianna, you must say yes!”

“Dinner at a hotel with a man. Somehow it just doesn’t seem quite respectable.” Glorianna said

“Nonsense, it’s quite a respectable place. Why Queen Victoria herself has visited the establishment. Besides,” Sylvie said with a twinkle in her eye, “it’s not as if your intentions are quite respectable anyway.”

“I know”, Glorianna smiled in return, “that’s why it feels so wicked to accept the invitation.

“oh just do it sweetheart,” Sylvie said emphatically “Trust me this is just what you need. Haven’t we been discussing this all along?”

“Yes. Yes we have,” Glorianna said with determination. If she could help it she would not spend one more night thinking of that man! Although even thinking of him brought a twinge of pain in the area of her heart. “I’ll accept.” She said with a decisive nod of her blond head.

“Excellent!” said Sylvie, “Now lets discuss what you should wear!”

Vaughn sat down to his own breakfast in his rooms. His man placed the mornings paper on the table by his side. by his side. It was an unfashionably early hour to be awake but he couldn’t shake his country hours. By his standards it was late. By now he would have already taken his breakfast and ridden the estate, back at this time to sit down in his study to take care of the less interesting part of his day in paperwork.

He was disturbed this morning. He had visited Dr. Melton at the asylum yesterday morning. The horrors he had seen there were nothing compared to his feelings of the doctors personal patience. They were all prostitutes and Dr. Melton had a strange way of treating them. It bordered on the sadistic and was quite sexual to Vaughn’s way of thinking. Yet he was assured by the doctor that his patients ‘trade” must constitute the treatment. As many of them had gone insane as whores on the street it was only logical that they needed to be taught how a proper woman should conduct themselves.  (sex scene)

At the time this had made sense to Vaughn, yet the more he thought upon it the more he worried that the doctor was more likely sating some sick need within himself. And the more he worried about what the doctors interest in Glorianna could mean. He clenched his fist as he thought of the two of them potentially together.

Now that he’d fulfilled his obligation having taken the doctor to Whitechapel last night and meeting Dark Annie who earned some income from crochet work, making antimacassars and selling flowers, supplemented of course by casual prostitution. Dr. Melton had seemed very keen to have her photographed which made Vaughn distinctly uneasy.

Yet it was all worth it, Vaughn thought as he fingered the card with Glorianna’s address on it. Yes it was worth it he smiled a rare smile.


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