Chapter three

I’ve realized that I am an incredible cheater. In this posted chapter I have done NO spell checking. This way when I tell you just how bad a speller I am you will believe me. You will also realize that had I had spell check turned on I would have been constantly making changes rather than continuing with the writing. I will cheat you on nothing in this chapter and you can see just how awful it is and how distracting it would be. If you are a really bad speller like me copy and paste this into a document and turn on your checker and watch the screen light up!

Chapter 3

Clive Levinson followed Dr. Melton into a cozy study down the hall off the main entertaining area. The Doctor shut the door behind them with sudden force. So the social gloves are off, Levinson thought to himself with a smirk.

“Now,” Dr. Melton began with a frown turning down his sculpted goatee, “what can possibly be so urgent that you must seek me out here instead of awaiting our scheduled meeting?”

Levinson had wanted to look through some of Dr. Meltons pictures in an attempt to identify a drowning victem earlier in the month. “As I’m sure you are aware,” Levenison began taking a small note pad and pencil from an inner pocket, “there has been a murder in the East End. White Chapple to be specific.”

“There are murders aplenty in that quarter inspector. Why has this one caused you to interupt my evening?” The Doctor said making his way to a set of decanters on a side board. He poured himself a measure of brandy, raising his crystal cut glass in a questioning guesture to Levinson.

Levinson gave the doctor a negative shake of his head declining the offer of liqure. He had to keep a straight head here.  He once again refered to his notes. The doctor was distinctly on edge Levinson thought suspiciouse curiosity. “The victem this time was a woman of a certain type doctor. A type that is well known to be your specialty in practice.”

“A whore you mean.” The doctor said taking a long sip of his brandy.

“As you say,” Levinson said with a nod.

“Again murders and whores are not a strange occurence in that area. Get to the point inspector,” the doctor said with ill concealled irritation.

Levinson began again closely watching the doctors face, “the woman murdered has been identified as a Mary Ann Nichols. My investigation has taken me to question her privious employer…a…”levinson reviewd his notes, “Mr and Mrs. Cowdry of Wandsworth. It seems the good couple found employing an alcoholic as intollerable they being tee-totallers. They turned her out last May I believe. “

Dr. Meltons face was a mask giving nothing away save for a slight twitch of his eye as he took a more generous sip of brandy. “Inspector I still have yet to understand your point.”

“My point,” said Levinson is that durring Mary Ann Nichols two months of employment it has become known to me that you had been a frequent visitor to the Cowdry residence.”

The doctor set his glass down slowly, “Are you implying something inspector?” the doctor said with narrowed eyes. “Yes, the couple were the reforming type and were refered to me. They thought to gain my advice in helping their servant…I remember that now.”

Interesting thought ‘he rememberes now’, Levinson continueing to watch the doctor. He tapped his chin with the end of his pencil, a habbit when he was deep in thought.

“I remember photographing the woman and offering my medical advice. I photograph all my patients as you are well aware.” The doctor poured himself another finger of liqure. Levinson closely noted a slight tremor in the doctors hand. “I asume the couple was unable to follow through on that advice as Mrs. Nichols was turned out shortly after.”

A quite filled the room. Levinson often employed the tactic as people were sometimes prone under tention to offer information when faced with silence. “I havent seen Mr. or Mrs. Cowdry since and certainly not Mrs. Nichols. As most photographers however, I do keep negatives of each of my pictures. I’d be happy to supply you with a print.”

Obviously thinking or hoping the interview was over Levinson thought with an inward smirk, Dr. Melton set his empty glass down and started for the door. “I think I have offered all I can on this Inspector. But there is someone here I think would also interest you in speaking to.”

Hmm Levinson thought deflection or a serious intent to help. Currious as always to see where it would lead he followed the now clearly uneasy doctor out the door and back to the gathering.

The doctor aporached a somber looking man who was extordianrily large. Levinson was a respectable six foot himself,  not short at all, but this man towered over him. He had unfashionably dark long hair brushing his color and severly sculpted sideburns. If not for his exquistly tailored evening wear Levinson could have easily invisioned him as a street tough. Beside him stood a fashonably clad lady. The lady in question was clinging to the gentlmans arm possesivly but the gent seemed oblivious.  Then Dr. Melton intoned, “Lord deWinn excuse me but may I introduce Inspector Levinson.”

“How do you do Lord deWinn,” Levinson said stretching his arm out for a handshake. “and is this your beautiful wife then?” Levinson looked to the brunett beauty with a questioning brown.

The lady in question smiled widely but then had trouble maintaining it when her escort replied “My wife is recently deceased Inspector Levinson,” deWinn said in a matter of fact voice, “this is a friend Mrs. Niffe.”

“Excuse me,” Levinson said, “Mrs. Niffe.” He gently shook her profered hand.

Seeming loath to give up her escort but obviously wanting to escape a manly conversation, Mrs. Niffe politely excused herself to the powder room.

Once Mrs. Niffe had departed the doctor began, “Inspector I think you might find Lord deWinn a font of information.” Dr. Melton looked between the two with a hopeful look on his face.

Definatly trying to deflect any more questions, Levinson thought.

“Inspector Levinson, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” Lord deWinn enveloped Levinsons hand in a masive grip.

“deWinn has an interest in criminal photography,” Doctor Melton said.

“More of a hobby,” deWinn said self depreciatingly.

“Nonsense,” the doctor went on quickly. “I understand that criminal photography has become quite helpful to the metropolitan police department in recent years. Is that not true Inspector Levinson?”

“Indeed it has Dr. Melton, although I think it may actually profit the news rags a bit more.” Levinson added with a quirk to his lips.

Dr. Melton went on, “deWinn has been photographing the east end the last few weeks I understand.”

Levinson’s attention perked up, “is that right Lord deWinn? What may I ask is your interest in that local for your photography interests.”

“Well as the doctor has said I have a bent toward criminal photography. The area of the east end is rife with criminal doings. It’s my hope at present to simply catch an incident  or perhaps have photographed something that would be helpful in solving a crime later.” Lord deWinn said in his low voice.

Levinson decided he liked this Lord deWinn. He could usually sum up a persons character quickly and was rarely wrong. Hense his very strong suspicion of Dr. Melton despite any hard evidence of any wrong doing. “Might I have your direction,” he found himself asking, “I’d be very interested in viewing some of your photographs Lord deWinn and perhaps you could be called to participate in one of my next cases.”

The first smile Levinson had seen thus yet crossed deWinn’s features, “that would be easy enough to facilitate inspector and I would be honored to help you in any way.”

“Good, good,” Dr. Melton said quickly. “I’ll let you two hash things out so to speak.” He looked across the room as if seeing an aquantence, “please excuse me I need to speak to someone,” and started to take his leave.

DeWinn stoped him with a touch to his sleave, “if you will a question before you depart Dr. Melton.”

The doctor looked at him with a raised brow.

“The lady you were speaking with earlier…what was her name?” asked deWinn in a soft voice.

The doctor replied “That was Mrs. Glorianna Lockley a guest of Mrs. Babbot a member.”

Levinson could not help but note the tone of possesion in the doctors answer. It provoked an irritation in Levinson to hear it. It seemed to have the same effect on Lord deWinn if his guess was correct.  DeWinn and Levenson looked at each other as the doctor departed with mutual displeasure over the doctors tone. He promised himself to call on Mrs. Lockley sooner than he’d planned. Someone needed to warn her that she may not want to go deeper than an aquaintenceship with the doctor.

DeWinn seemed to find himself and focused on Levinson. “Inspector it’s been a pleasure to make your aquaintence and I hope you call on me in the future,”DeWinn handed him his card,  “call on me anytime,” he said with another of his infrequent small smiles. “I think it’s time I collected my companion, I have an early appointment tomorrow.” Levinson shook his hand watching Lord deWinn as he found Mrs. Niffe.


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