Chapter one

Now the real fun begins. Another tip I found useful as I began writing again was to turn off the auto proofing. It was very distracting writing The Love Thief while this was on. Every time I saw something underlined I HAD to go back and correct it. By turning it off the writing went much quicker. It makes for horrible reading but this is a first draft after all. I have also realized a bit about my writing style and that is I’m an “adder inner”. I like to get my first thoughts down and then I will go back and add in any information I think is needed. I did quite a bit of dialogue here (I just reread Twilight and there is a lot of dialogue so I was in that mood) and not so much description. I will go back and add that in when I’m in the mood, most likely in the second draft. Here is my first chapter. I did do a quick spell check otherwise it would be absolutely unreadable. It’s still cringe worthy but again this is a FIRST DRAFT. I wish I could go see some of my favorite books at this stage it would be really interesting. So here goes:)

Widow Glorianna Lockley needed to find a lover. Her year of mourning was up and she was desperately  lonely. She sat in the front parlor with her house mate and best friend of years Mrs. Silvia Babbet also recently widowed. It was a lovely parlor she thought gazing admiringly at the light furnishings.

Glorianna and Sylvie had both sold their un-entailed London properties. Neither wanted reminders of their less than happy marriages. With the proceeds of those sales they had purchased a small but elegant townhouse in a respectable London neighborhood on the outskirts of fashionable Mayfair. With money to spare they had enjoyed decorating their small abode with a feminine hand. All of the furnishings were of the latest design but they had decided to paint many of the heavy pieces in whites and creams and golds. The heavy drapery and plush carpets needed to subdue the street traffic noises and the constant influx of soot were a perfect dove grey, harmonizing with the light furnishings perfectly. The house was serene and they both loved it without exception.

“Darling,” Her friend Silvie began taking a sip of her tea, “you simply must get out in the world.”

“I know.” Glorianna sighed plucking a bit of lint from her silvery grey skirt. “But where pray tell am I to get out to?” “I simply cannot abide listening to the giggles of society about poor Lockley.”

Silvie set down her cup and leaned forward  ready to impart serious wisdom. “Poo on all those ninnies. They are not laughing at you dearest but Lockley. They should not keep you from enjoying yourself now. You have nothing to be ashamed of and they well know it. You stood by that idiot when he was nothing but indiscreet!”

“Oh don’t start in that vein again.” Glorianna sighed. She knew Silvie was her staunchest supporter but she could never seem to make her understand that Henry Lockley had been there when she had needed him. Her husband had married her knowing full well it was without her maidenhead.

She had tried to love him, truly she did and she had had some degree of success but she could never love him the way that he needed to be loved.  She had given her heart away long ago and she had never been free to give it to Henry. To Glorianna Henry was a dear family member and she missed him.  After years of marriage where there were no pregnancies and he became more and more aware of her distaste in bedding him he had turned to a mistress.

Henry Lockley was a true monogamist and quickly fell in love with his mistress the beautiful  Violet, who loved him as if he were her prince charming. Loved him as he deserved to be loved. Glorianna had not begrudged him this, was secretly happy that he had someone that loved him so.

When Violet had become pregnant it was the joy of his life expecting his first child and she knew it pained him that this beloved and much anticipated child would be a bastard. Glorianna would always feel incredible guilt that she had stood in the way of Henry’s full joy. Guilt that it couldn’t be she that provided him with it.

Ultimately it was a tragedy and it angered her that society could be so callous as to find anything humorous about it. Henry had received a message that Violet was about to deliver and the doctor was attending her.  He had raced to the little house on Brook Street to attend the delivery. He was not going to be one of those passive fathers. He had fully intended to be present for the delivery and see his child enter the world.

According to the doctor Henry had stood at Violets bedside holding her hand. It was a difficult labor and there were complications. Poor Henry’s heart was not up to the task of beating so rigorously and before he could see his child, succumbed to an attach of the heart  and died at Violets bedside.

At least Henry was spared the knowledge that he would never have seen his child anyway. The little girl was delivered still born seconds after Henry had hit the floor and Violet had died shortly after.

Glorianna leaned her head back on the settee “Silvie you know how much I cared for that man and I simply cannot listen to the whispers and tittering behind fans that Henry Lockley would be the first man in history to die in child birth!” She closed her eyes and continued. “You know how guilty I felt about my marriage and if nothing else I can be loyal to his memory and frown upon those hurtful remarks.”

Silvie readjusted herself on her gold velvet chair and said in a chastened voice, “I understand love and I’m sorry if my inpatients makes me seem callus sometimes.”

“Impatient for what? Glorianna questioned.

“Impatient for a new chance. Impatient for you to pick yourself up and put yourself out there and find love again. You missed the mark with Henry but I utterly refuse to think that because you gave your heart at the tender age of eighteen to ‘that man who must not be named’ you can never love again.

Glorianna put up a hand palm out, “I refuse to discuss that man…” Just the thought of him sent her heart pounding and imminent tears were forcing their way to her resisting ducts.

“Hear me out,” Silvie interrupted. “Just try Glory. There is a meeting of the Royal Photographic Society Friday next. There are always interesting people there. Not society per say though all quality people.” She leaned forward and touched Glorianna’s knee imploring with her eyes. “Come with me. Talk to people. Open up just a little, you never know who you might meet.”

Glorianna tapped her chin thinking. The society’s stories Silvie shared were always interesting and different to be sure. Recently Silvie had agreed to model nude for one of the photographers to be used as artist poses of course. Her face was always turned away so it was impossible to identify her unless you were the photographer of course. Silvie was nothing if not shocking Glorianna thought with a smile.

Suddenly the Royal Photographic Society meeting sounded just the thing. “Alright, I’ll go with you…” she held up her hand to forestall the excited chatter that was surely to come from Silvie, “with the agreement that you will not be pushing me at any of your friends.”

Silvie sat straight like a school girl just complemented by her teacher. “I swear,” and she crossed her heart just like said school girl.



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  1. Really useful tips, I too am an ‘adder inner’ – I really enjoyed the 1st chapter…

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