Story board

A very interesting tip I found that sounded like it would help me a lot was a story board. This is probably not how it was meant to be done but this gave me a place to collect miscellaneous data and facts.  I think it will help me keep track of trying to describe my characters.

Some of the things I tossed in my virtual suite case to take on my writing trip were: clothing, places, maps and directions. I got a bit lazy while doing the web surfing. I pasted them in willy ninny as you will see. It is a very unorganized story board but like I said before I’m NOT an organized writer. Too much organizing makes writing a painful process and it WILL keep me from actually writing.

Now that my “outline” is done and I know who most of my characters are and they are ready to act, it’s time to cast their parts. This was fun (and yes I’m a huge CW fan can you tell?) it was like casting my own movie! Click below to see.

Story BoardStory Board



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2 responses to “Story board

  1. While I do have an outline and create a “character map” for each major character… I CANNOT do too much planning either. It brings the process to a hault for me and creates more “blocks” than ideas! Happy writing!

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