The writing project begins

Hi all! This writing project came about as I finished and published my first eBook The Love Thief. I’ve actually written quite a lot but have never finished a single thing…until now. Sound familiar?

It took me a year and a half to actually complete my first full manuscript. The Love Thief is a 20,000 word novella. I quit that project several times for many different reasons, “I suck as a writer”, “how do I keep track of the story line” and my favorite “I just don’t feel like writing today”just to name a few.

But by struggling through that awful feeling of, I’ll never finish this stupid thing, to OMG I actually finished the stupid thing, I picked up a few tricks that I’m hoping will help a great deal with this new endeavor. I hope you will journey with me as I try out these new ideas for getting from point (A the start) to point (B the end). Once I reach point (B) I should have a passable first draft. Please feel free to offer constructive criticism along the way and hone your editorial skills on me:)

The first thing I did once I’d finished that novella was web surf a bit trying to pick up tips that would help me organize this new writing project now that I knew my habits a bit better. I read many interviews of published authors including Stephenie Meyer (Twilight anyone?)

I can lump the basic styles I came across into two basic categories 1. fly by the seat of your pants 2. Outlining.

The category that fit me the best was the “fly by the seat of your pants” style, which was exactly how I wrote The Love Thief. Obviously that style of writing was not optimal. It was very frustrating keeping track of the story. The whole getting from beginning to end without diddling around in the middle forever drove me nuts. However, I can think of nothing more hateful than outlining a story that hasn’t completely developed in my mind yet. To etch out each stinking detail in advance ug!

Therefore, I’m aiming for a hybrid this time around. Once I had a basic story percolating in my head I created a loose…very loose outline. Really just a short synopsis of what I wanted to happen in the story but still allowing me to flow with it freely.

I’m a visual person so rather than numbering and sub categorizing, I simply changed the color with each new section I wanted flesh out.

So for better or worse I’m going to just hang it out there and post my squishy outline right here tomorrow for all to see. It’s quite scary really! Maybe it will make you feel better about your writing. Maybe it will just give you a good laugh.


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