Ok, so now I know I have a beginning, middle and end to my story. This is the extent I can stand to outline but I think it will keep me from diddling in the middle so much. Beware the only editing I did on this was a quick spell check (I am the worst speller I know). It’s very rough but I wanted to show exactly how my thoughts rolled out.


  • Lets all intruduce ourselves. Glorianna and Silvie


  • Everyone meets at the Royal Photographic Society and sparks fly. First ripper murder has occured. Glorianna finds herself attracted to Dr. Melton and Inspector Levinson


  • The doctor invites Vaughn to the asylum where he shows him his techniques for photographing the insane and an autopsy he’s conducting. Strangely all his photography are of women patients who were of a certain “character”.
  • Glorianna remembers her heartbreak over Vaughn. Vaughn reflects on his own treatment of Glorianna and remembers their relationship. He can’t admit to himself that he’s irritated that Glorianna is attracted to the Dr. He really doesn’t like the way the dr. talks about the widow Glorianna.
  • the next murder happens and Vaughn is called in to photograph. He’s been stood up at the coffee-house by Dr. Melton so he figures there is no use waiting on him and goes with the inspector. Things about the murder bother him such as the victim looks a lot like an autopsy the Dr. had conducted and he begins to suspect that Dr. Melton may be the murderer. (murder 2)
  • The young handsome radical doctor invites Glorianna to dinner at a hotel. she knows the doctor is attracted to her but Glorianna is worried that she can’t “do it” with the doctor without love and Silvie offers her a concoction. She feels extra sexy and tries out her wiles in a room upstairs. There are things about the doctor that don’t sit right with Glorianna and after a night of shocking sexual surprises thinks twice about continuing the liaison. He’s way too serious and possessive for someone she barely knew.
  •  After dinner Vaughn waylays the doctor while escorting Glorianna to his barouche and they clash again. Some of his questions to the doctor, released Russian dr., autopsy technique, why he didn’t show at meeting what was his alibi. dr. is defensive and turns around and slyly accuses Vaughn…he’s been photographing in the area the murders took place. The hints of suspicion will later worry Glorianna and confirm her decision to call things off with the dr. (date 1 murder 3 happens later that night)
  •  Inspector Clive Levinson calls on Glorianna when she is out shopping with Silvie. She admits to Silvie she finds the inspector sexy. She takes a bit of Sylvie’s concoction just before the inspector returns to question Glorianna on the whereabouts of Vaughn and Dr. Melton on Date 1 and she cannot give them an alibi for the time in question.

    Inspector Clive Levinson is a sexy intense man and Glorianna is under the influence of the aphrodisiac they end up having a steamy sexual encounter.

  •  When now suspect Dr. Melton disappears, Vaughn seeks refuge with Glorianna telling her his suspicions. Vaughn is now a prime suspect because he’s been seen roaming the area photographing the latest victim while alive.

    Glorianna must trust that Vaughn is telling the truth based on their past relationship. He’s been a country recluse since their aborted relationship and does she really know him anymore but the sexual tension is still there.

  •  Glorianna must dodge the sexy inspector Clive Levinson who wants to repeat their tryst while Vaughn is in her house.
  •  After another heated argument at breakfast Glorianna realizes that Silvie has laced their food with the aphrodisiac.
  •  Vaughn is very jealous and they have sex. She is sure it’s because of the aphrodisiac but (Murder 4 happens) she now believes he is innocent but must admit she’s been scandalous and hiding a fugitive to the inspector but she must clear Vaughn’s name he is clearly not the killer. She must trust in the inspectors discretion.

    The inspector is a player and ends up not caring what Glorianna does in her private life. He likes her but not serious about her just disappointed that they won’t fuck again. He invites her to call him whenever it might be convenient for her and the house is not so crowded. Vaughn is happy about that but he thinks she will. He thinks the only reason they had sex was because of the concoction. Silvie will later admit that she added nothing to the breakfast it was all them.

  •  Vaughn is worried that the Dr. at large is truly the murderer and may be after Glorianna now as she spurned him. So he stays to protect her. But he is called away for (Murder 5) by the inspector for an evening.
  •  Glorianna is confronted by the Dr. while alone and she defends herself ultimately plunging the doctor to his death from her window.
  • Inexplicably there are no more murders and it is concluded that Dr. Melton was the villain.
  •  Glorianna and Vaughn live happily ever after.


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  1. ‘The Inspector is a player.’- I like that.

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